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6th January 1940, Page 38
6th January 1940
Page 38
Page 38, 6th January 1940

Square Pegs Still In Round Holes

.Y OUR article eulogizing the R.A.S.C., which I presume you published at the request of the War Offi&, coupled with Sir Malcolm Campbell's broadcast appeal for drivers, would......

Cost Of Running A Workpeople's Bus Service P Lease Advise Me

as to the cheapest rate at which 1 could run a workpeople's service. This would have to bear the whole cost of operation as no other work is available. I have three vehicles,......

Advantages Of Welded Construction

THE Admiral Graf Spec, which• has been so much in the news of late, is the most recent of the Itree German 10,000-ton "pocket battleships," and, like her sister ships, is almost......

I,000-mile Trial Of Producergas Vehicle

your issue of December 9 appeared a small notice I to the effect that a certain gas-producer vehicle was to be put through a week's test of 1,000 miles, including a run over......

Difficulties With Coaches On Hire-purchase

A LTHOUGH I have been a regular reader of your paper for many years, this is the first time I have had to ask your advice. It is in connection with the hire-purchase of several......