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6th January 1940, Page 25
6th January 1940
Page 25
Page 25, 6th January 1940

Oiling Chart For The Fordson Tractor

' N congratulating The Commercial Motor on the article ' s Getting the Best Out of the Paraffin-engined Farm Tractor," which appeared in our issue of December 30, C. C.......

A 5-cwt, One-wheeled Trailer Introduced

A NEW product of Messrs. Pickard and Wild, The Motor Mart, Dale Street, Brighouse, is a 5-cwt. generalpurpose trailer of the single-castor wheel type. It is equipped with a......

Italy Encourages Charcoalgas Vehicles

T O encourage the manufacture and sale of passenger vehicles and lorries running on charcoal gas, the Italian Government has decided to grant bounties for new vehicles......

How To Make Sure Of Getting Your " C.m." Regularly

IF your newsagent has not been in the Ihabit of regularly delivering or reserving The Commercial Motor for you, you should, to save possible disappointment, immediately place an......

Magnitude Of London Transport's War Effort

L ONDON TRANSPORT has just completed the busiest year in its history. The public knows something of the emergency works and the reorganization necessary to place the undertaking......