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5th April 1968, Page 81
5th April 1968
Page 81
Page 81, 5th April 1968

2. Brake Diagnostic Equipment

by R. D. Cater OF THE COMPANIES producing brake servicing equipment, only JAR. Garage Equipment, of Birmingham, has specialized in the development of gear aimed at reducing......

3. Brake Repair And Servicing Tools

by R. D. Cater ONCE it is established that the pressure system is functioning correctly, be it hydraulic, vacuum or air-hydraulic or straight air-pressure, poor braking......

E. P. Barrus (concessionaires) Ltd.,

12-16 Brunel Road, Acton, London, W.3. WHEN brake drums have suffered a moderate degree of scoring and are robust enough to allow skimming it is often the case that the workshop......

V. L Churchill And Co. Ltd.,

P.O. Box No. 3, London Road, Daventry, Northants. A PRESSURE bleeding unit for use with hydraulic systems is manufactured by V. L. Churchill and Co. Ltd. Following much the same......

Giding Ltd.,

P.O. Box 372, Yardley, Bi rmingham. ONE of the points not generally recognized in workshop output is that of time indirectly lost when a man is working at below his best speed......