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29th August 1975, Page 26
29th August 1975
Page 26
Page 26, 29th August 1975

. Ace To . Ace

till, there must be something the idea of togetherness with astomers, especially now that iings are tough : more and tore companies seem to be olding marketing events. /ilkinson......

"raditional Ustoms

alking of customer events, the ilsa one-day conference on fiddle East operation last week :ally did " geIl," producing a ass of information and matructive opinions about this......

High—or—low Iinks ?

The legitimate (does this mean cost-effective ?) scope of business entertainment has been in the news lately, notably with the Daily Express piece about a Gas Council function......

Steam Up

Are you hankering for 5cwt of free coal, water and £5 expenses ? Then present your steam-powered machine at the First South Yorkshire Transport Rally, which is being held on......

Unfair Evasion

Did you see that nice little bus story in the Financial 'Times recently ? Six people, it seems, were on a Chicago bus when it collided with a taxi, but 25 people turned up at......