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10th September 1976, Page 26
10th September 1976
Page 26
Page 26, 10th September 1976

Instant Fines

Some of the worst driving' in Britain can be seen most days on the M2 London to Dover road. This is especially true on Fridays on the south-bound carriageway as Continental......

Those Old Enough To Remember The Last War Will Be

familiar enough with the time "The fifth column". It was explained to me thus — ahem. "The fifth column was an unidentifiable force who infiltrated, integrated and mixed freely......

Relief Service

Three Dundee bus drivers find themselves the embarrassing centres of attraction among their colleagues. Apparently the hapless three wanted to spend a penny, or is it two pence......

A First For Hw

Harold WiTion has bought the first Ailsa double-decker in England. No, no not him; there is at least one other. This Harold Wilson is a bus operator up in that stronghold of the......

It Fell Off A Lorry

I passed a worried, blushing and confused driver the other day on the Thames embankment. He was worried because a member of the Metropolitan Police was taking a note of the......