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7th October 1939
7th October 1939
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Page 1, 7th October 1939

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Road Transport Must be Freed

T O say that the roadtransport industry is astounded at the policy of the Government, as represented by the Ministry of...

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Bureaucracy Fetters Road Transport

E VERYONE of us engaged in the general road transport of the country has been gravely concerned at the attitude adopted towards...

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"It's An Ill Wind •

)1 • W HILST we do not, by the smallest fraction of a degree, veer from our firmly expressed conviction that all forms of road...

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NEWS of the WEEK

EXTRA FUEL FOR FLEETS DEPLETED BY REQUISITIONING. T HE suggestion has been made that the authorities might consider granting...

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Personal Pars

SIR ALBERT BENNETT has been elected chairman of Ransome and Manes Bearing Co., Ltd., of Newarkon-Trent. MR. G. E. EDMONDS,...

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Big Opposition to New Wages Move

IT is understood, on good authority, that, despite opposition from the employers' side, the Central Wages Board has recommended...

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A Second Pungent Article, Showing that Methods of So-called Control of Short-distance Haulage are Almost Ludicrous : An Example...

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Why Tyre Pressure is All Importar

Variations in Weight Should Be Automatically Looked After By the Tyre and the Air, Both of Which are Naturally Adaptable. I F...

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Ingenious Features in

All-steel A.R.P. Trailer Unusual Body Construction Makes for Light Weight and Ease of Decontamination I N the design of the...

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T HE big push which has been planned, and is already commencing, on the farming front is a matter of interest to all who are...

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Home-produced Fuel Comes Into Its Own

By Major W. H. Goddard Q iJITE apart from the somewhat violent controversy now going on concerning the rights and wrongs of...

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Jottings of Jock

D ERE FELLOW KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD, Well, chapses, one an' all, yoors trooly is scribinating these . 'ere jottings this month...

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42 Years' Transport History Behind Blackburn Operator's Activities

Transport Was the Work of Messrs. J. and A. Duxbury Nearly Half a Century . Ago—But in 1921 the Business was Given a Great...

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An Inexpensive Town-gas Conversion

C ONTAINING 250 cubie ft , of town gas, the balloon on the Morris-Commercial 30-cwt. lorry seen in the accompanying picture is...

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Operating Aspects of

PASSENGER TRANSPORT BRIGHTER BUSES FOR LONDON A SLIGHT relaxation in the interior rklighting -estrictions in the vehicles...

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Constant-clearance Device for Brakes

maintain automatically a con stant minimum value of clearance between shoe and drum is the object of a scheme detailed in...