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7th February 1907
7th February 1907
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Page 1, 7th February 1907

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Snow-Proof Motorbuses.

The triumph of the motorbus in London, during the Christmas vacation, to which we made literary and pictorial allusion in our...

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The Commercial Motor.

Conducted by EDMUND DANGERFTELD. rditor: E. SHRAPNELL SMITH. Manager: ERNEST PERMAX. Avenue. London, E.C. Offic es 1 3 7 9 -1...

Petroleum Spirit Imports.

Extracts from a Memorandum Furnished by Mr. A. Duckham to the Fuels Committee of the Motor Union. Mr. Alexander Duckham, of...

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England' s Latest Standard 6-ton Wagon.

The Ripe Experience of the Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Company is Embodied in a New Model. Our illustrations depict an...

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Statistical Results of the French Trials.

The i,000-mile test of commercial motors, which took place, immediately before the last Paris Exhibition, over the itinerary...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Mr. Worby Beaurriont's paper will be read on the 18th instant. The continuation of the discussion on the paper by Messrs. Hart...

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Petrol-Electric Transmission for Road Vehicles.

Discussion on Messrs. Hart 8/ Durtnall's paper. (Continued from page 474.) The adjourned discussion, on the paper by Messrs.....

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News and Comment.

This journal is recognised and supported by Users, Operating Engineers, and the Motor Industry at large. This number completes...

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The Glasgow Show.

Poor Facilities Result in Unrepresentative Display of Business Vehicles. Exactly why this year's motor show, at Glasgow, is...

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The A.C. Side-Slip Prevention Trials : Part II.

On Tuesday morning, nature and London's traffic had provided a considerable ampule of greasy mud on the streets of the...

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The Coming of the Taximeter. The Editor," TIM COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :In view of the approaching use of the fare meter...

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Useful Charts and Tables.—No. 5.

By George Watson, A.M.I.Mech.E. Centrifugal Tension, or Stress, in Fly-wheel Rims. When watching the revolving fly-wheel of a...

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Motor Components and Accessories.

Selections from the Specialities of W. H. Willcox and Company, Limited. The name of Willcox is a familiar one to all users of...

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Patents Completed.

FRICTION CLUTCH.—Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., and Another. — No. 7,848, dated 2nd April, 1906.—This invention is applicable to...