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6th July 1940
6th July 1940
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Page 1, 6th July 1940

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A Plague of Weigilt Definitions

T HE Road Haulage Wages Act and its satellite regulation, R.H.4, have still further aggravated the complexities of life for the...

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Passing Comments

Blackboard Newsn NE result of tile acute paper Posters May be \--ipaper shortage is that the Too Startling . . . London daily...

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One Hears

Complaints of too many fool controllers and not enough fool-control. Of someone asking "Hasn't even Germany discovered a use...

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NEWS of the WEEK

BEET-HAULAGE RATES IN THE LIMELIGHT DIG steps towards agreement on h .Unational scale of rates for the haulage of sugar beet...

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Railways Giving "Dirty and Raw Deal" A REMARKABLE attack was made

in the House of Commons on the four principal railway companies for the manner in which'they were alleged to have neglected the...

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"Marsh Buggy" Owes Its Success to Unusual Tyre Equipment

V EHICLES that will operate in swampy, marshy ground have been made possible by the use of unusual tyre equipment A most...

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Creditable Effort Further To Popularize Producer Gas

Long-distance Demonstration of Enness-equipped Leyland Tiger, Operated by Hicks Bros., Ltd., Given to C.M.U.A. Members WITH...

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Novel Design in New Gas Producer

Shorrock Plant of Up-draught Type hut with Tuyere Air Admissi011 Shows Good Promise on Bench Tests R ESULTS of considerable...

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1 0VENTRY'S TRANSPORT PROBLEM Modern Body Construction Permits Substantial Increase in Carrying Capacity Without Materially...

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"Government" Producer Making Good Headway

rONSMERABLE success in opera tion is being obtained with the so-called " Emergency " or " Government " producer-gas plant. for...

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Operating Aspects of

PASSENGER TRANSPORT LONDON TRAVELLERS NOW PAYING MORE CARES for short journeys on the I motorbuses, trolleybuses and trams of...

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Picture-book of Tyre Troubles

No. 5. The Problems of Twin Tyres T HE very fact of running tyres in twin formation renders them liable to a set of peculiar...

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The Metropolitan Area Rates Schedule

S.T.R. Offers a Critical Review of Rates Suggested by the Haulage Sectional Board of the Metropolitan Area of A.R.O. and Tells...

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y ORKSHIRE, in the way it has dealt with the problem of stabilizing rates for the road haulage of coal, has set an example...

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Immobilization of Unattended Vehicles

A N Order has been made by the Minister of Home Security requiring drivers of motor vehicle S who leave their vehicles...

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Gas Storage Trailer With Its Own Compressor

A Résumé of Recently Published Patent Specifications Obtainable from the Patent Office, Price Is. Each pi TWO-WHEELED trailer,...