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5th May 1944
5th May 1944
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Page 1, 5th May 1944

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Give Road Haulage More Stability .

F OOD traders and caterers discharged from the Services and from other essential work to which they may have been allocated,...

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Institute Proposal Cordially Welcomed

A SSURANCE of the ultimate success of the proposed Institute of Road Transport Engineers was well afforded at the...

Passing Comments Auto-ignition will ReT HE engines and, incident suit, in

Loss of ally, many other parts of Power our ageing vehicles sometimes emit noises which, before the war, might have caused...

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One Hears—

That Hitler may have " shot his bolt," but bits of • it are still falling. Of a possible bigger post-war d Mand for sixand...

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News of the Week Ban on 60 Miles Widespread from May 22

f - I N and after May 22, nearly all long'L./distance movements of general traffic will be arranged through the Government Road...

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Provincial Associations' Bid for Affiliation

I NSISTENCE on the claim to a favourable settlement of the queation Of affiliation was stressed at a further conference of...

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C.M.U.A. President on Post-war Planning

QPEAKING at the recent a.g.m. of the C.M.U.A., the President, Major R. A. B Smith, MC., said that it has taken 2i years for the...

• C b Drivers Boycott Manchester Railway Stations

MM jTANCFIESTER cab proprietors are boycott the approaches to the three principal railway stations in the city from May 8, as a...

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A Battery-electric Vehicle for Per week

Scheme to Supply Batterydairies for Urban District Deliveries. Overcoming Factors which have Militated Against their Widespread...

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RATES FOR MUNICIPAL HIRE Recent Increases in Costs and in Wages Justify Revision of Hauliers' Charges to Municipalities for...

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Rates for W.D. Goods-vehicle Hire

An Amended Schedule as the Result of an Agreement Between the M.O.W.T. and the S.J.C. T HE following notes should be read in...

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An All-purpose Van for Police Patrol Work

Chief Constable of Ashton-under-Lyne Designs a Vehkk Equipped to Meet Civilian and Wartime Emergency Needs A LTHOUGH police...

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Launching an Institute for Road Transport Engineers

Excellent Progress Made Towards the Formation of an Institute . of Road Transport Engineers at a Luncheon conference Attended...

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Plan Received With Enthusiasm

I T was meet that the first speaker to follow should be V. at well-known road-transport engineer, Captain J. B. • Walton. Ile...

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Steering-Driving Axle for Front Wheels

A Rosume of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published CROM Bendix Aviation Corporation, .1 South Bend, Indiana,...