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4th August 1944
4th August 1944
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Page 1, 4th August 1944

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Disposal of Surplus Stocks

Early Planning Hoped, Avoid which Occurred T HE Government is wise in making reasonably early provision for the disposal of...

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Passing Comments

Use of Rayon for T" use di rayon, particu Tyres will Quickly larly for commercial tyres, Extend. . . , . . . is likely to...

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One Hears

That vested interests make others " shirty." That the sheltered life" is an expression that has lost its pre-war...

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News of the Week

LICENCES AND PERMITS EXTENDED A S a method of saving time, manpower and paper in M.O.W.T. offices and in those of...

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Peer Declares That Traffic Law •ls Defective Intensification of Education

and Propaganda Part of Ministry's Policy A PLEA for a Roa.d Safety Research Board, as advocated in the Alness Report, was made...

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Hauliers' Sand

Rates Jus tified F OLLOWING the recent inquiry, at Wrexham, as reported V in our issue for last week, into a complaint by a...

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Low Speed of the Electric Is a Myth

Tests Prove the Electric to be Faster than the Petrol engined Van on House-to-house Deliveries T HE low max:main speed of the...

The Right Sphere for Track-laying Equipment

Removing Some Misconceptions Which May be in the Minds of Certain Tractor Operators i T is seldom, indeed, that the -...

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A Roads and Transport Documentary

A Brief Summary of a Notable Report Issued by the British Road Federation and Containing Much Informative Matter on These...

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War Work of 100,000 Tractors

T HE tact that more than 100,000 tractors had been put to war work by.the British motor industry was disclosed by Mr. A. Hall,...

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Bulk Buyir Fundament

r Groups Is Wrong —says "S.T.R." By Including Provision for E the many Hauliers' Groups u Fundamental Error and Slut a Weapon...

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Operating Cu -the True and the False

Continuing a Discussion on the Difficulty, Even the Danger, of Accepting, Withouç Check, a Statement as to Operating Costs. The...

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British Buses Form Part of Uruguay's Co-operative System

AN accompanying picture shows one .... of two A.E.C.-built ACLO Regal single-deck buses owned and operated by...

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What the Army Needs in Load Carriers

An Ex-Serviceman's Lament That There is No Standard Type of General purpose Vehicle for Overseas Operation By An Ex-Sergeant,...

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UERIES POINTERS FOR POST WAR DESIGN wilANY designers and operators of road transport are AVI, to-day concerning themselves,...

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-Irish Operator's Tribute to Commer 4-5-tonner

A MONG the many Commer vehicles which are giving good service to their owners and performing valuable service to the Nation...

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Auto-Advance Coupling for Injection Pumps

A Resume of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published A N automatic advance-and-retard coupling intended for...