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3rd January 1907
3rd January 1907
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Page 1, 3rd January 1907

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The Immediate Future.

An encouragingly active period lies before the commercial motor world, and one in which far-reaching issues will be settled for...

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Motor Omnibus Body Design.

By Henry Mozley {General Manager, Burnley Corporation Tramways). Immediately after the passing of the Act authorising . the...

The Commercial Motor.

Condocted by EDMUND DANGERFIELD. • { E SHRAPNEL'. SMITH. Manager ERNEST PERMAN. 7-15 Rosebery Avenue, London. E.C. 39a, New...

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Temporary Winter Treads.

Contributed by a User of Steam Wagons Fitted with Steel Tires. Nothing, probably, acts as a deterrent to the more extended usc...

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The Berliet Motorbus Chassis.

The System combines Low Fuel Consumption with Good Constructional Features. The Berliet motorbus chassis, the first of which...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

" The Tribune," in its issue of the 29th ultimo, refers to the reassuring influence of the tilting experiment with a Birmingham...

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Our Fortnightly Census : Total recorded, 795.

The figures show exactly the same total as that of our last census. The actual number of new omnibuses put into service is 14,...

Motorbuses in London.

A Review and Up-to-date Summary : with Key-map. A detailed review of the facts relating to the motoromnibus situation. in...

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News and Comment.

Subscribers' Orders for this issue exceed 6,000 Copies : the Total Circulation Exceeds 7,700 Copies. Attention is directed to...

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The Avoidance of Smoke.

By Douglas Mackenzie. An explanation was given, in my article of last week, of the improvements made in motor omnibuses with a...

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The Motorbus Driver's Working Hours. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :--1 am enclosing a copy of a question which...

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Useful Charts and Tables. - No. 5.

By George Watson, A.M.I,Mech.E. Engine and Gear Ratios and Speeds in Miles per Hour. The chart given herewith is extremely...

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Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers.

Conclusion of Discussion on and Reply to Mr. Campbell-Swinton' s Paper. (Continued from page 364.) Mr. GEORGE BARBER (The...

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Patents Completed.

SPEED INDICATOR. — Abell. —No. 16,829, dated 25th July, 1906.—This is a combined centrifugal and friction device. The driving...