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30th October 1913
30th October 1913
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Page 1, 30th October 1913

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Officially Recognized by The Commercial Motor Users Association. The Authority on all forms of Motor Transport. Largest...

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One Hears— Of the Petroleers.

That this is a star . page. Of road-holes filled with costly pitch. That not all mileages are eases of presumption. That a...

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The Self-Reversing Auto-Trailer.

We have for some considerable period been in touch with the progress of Auto-Trailers, Ltd., the registration of which company...

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The Third W.O. Subsidy Trials.

We have pleasure in continuing our brief historical account of the daily performances of those machines which are at present...

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Small Users in Big Cities (No. 8).

Paints and Varnishes. • Particularly at this season of the year, when there is a big run on paints, varnishes, wallpapers and...

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In Public Service.

Exeter City Council has called for a report concerning motor ambulances. Kidderminster Town Council has granted licences to...

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Out and Home.—BY The intelligent driver of to-day who is

called upon to take country journeys follows the example of the ordinary motorist and borrows another man's map. At any rate he...


We have been made aware that a number of most, exhaustive tests e recently been concluded by the Daimler Co., Ltd., with a new...

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News and Comment.

C.M.U.A. Lectures. The next C.M.I.T.A. petrol lecture, to drivers in the employ of members, will be delivered on Wednesday,...

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From Bombay to Burma and Simla to Ceylon.

Vacuum Street - cleaners of Interest in Bombay. The Bombay Municipality is not very keen on commercial motors at the moment,...

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at Users Tell Us

John Dyer, Ltd., is a well-known business in King's Road, Southsea, with a branch at Broadway, Eastney. The company carries on...

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Opinions from Others.

Are Tractors Too Powerful? The Editor, THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1258] Sir,—Re the drawbar bracket. The higher tins is the...

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Answers to Queries.

The Saurer Field Kitchen. {2219] (Blackpool).—The Saurer works are at Arbonne, in Switzerland. The English company which took...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. 4, Crucible and Case-hardening Furnaces. From the chassis manufacturer's point of view, there is...

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Light Up Your Lamps At — 5.36 on Thursday ;

5.35 on Friday ; 5.33 on Saturday; 5.29 on Monday ; 5.27 on Tuesday ; 5.25 on Wednesday next. Enlarging the Capacity of the...

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Patents Completed.

H. L. L. HUDSON, No. 23,435, dated 14th October, 1912.A flexible gearwheel to give silent running is made up of two members, a...