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30th March 1945
30th March 1945
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Page 1, 30th March 1945

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Ambitious Scheme for Better Buses

T HE news issued last week by the British The Good Example Set by the Omnibus Companies' Independent Companies Will Public...

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Passing 'Comments

Undue Economy in S OME operators are proud of Buying Plugs is " the extreme longevity of Wasteful many of the sParking plugs...

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One Hears

Less railing at the roads. Of pre-cast expansion joints for concrete roads. Of pos,sible mercy on those who use the Mersey...

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News of the Week

M.O.W.T. COMMITTEE ON ROADSAFETY REPORTS N Interim Report, published by I - 1.M. Stationery Office, deals with the work of the...

Planning for Market Research

A BODY known as the British Export Trade Research Organization {B.E.T.R.0.) is being planned to assist the revival and growth...

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Personal Pars

Mr W, E, V. Bette-tome, chief traffic inspeet& of Nottingham Transport Department, is 'retiring after 40 years' service, owing...

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Further Tributes from the Industry

MR. SIDNEY GARCKE, C.B.E., M.I.Mech.E., • Director, British Electric Traction Co., Ltd. I MUCH regret that circumstances did...

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It Takes Only 90 Seconds

New Carrimore Semi-trailer Employing New Design of Coupling and Uncoupling Mechanism F °R the past two years that well-known...

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Thornycrofi War-tin

Dmprehensive oduction Over 18,000 Service Vehicles Included in a Much Varied Programme, Amongst Which Are Bren-gun Carr i ers,...

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Mr. Bevin Castigates Road Operators

P RESIDING at the annual luncheon of the Mansion House Association on Transport, the president, Mr. W. H. Gaunt, C,B.E., said...

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The Bottleneck of Housing

Road Transport of Bricks the Difficulty: There Will Not Be Enough Lorries to Do the Work. A Solution Suggested By E. B....

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Power to in the New Sentinel 7-tonner

I N our issue dated February 23, we - gave the first technical particulars of the new Sentinel 6-7-tonner, and before this...

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The Problem of Solving the Problems Milk Haulage Rates of the Carrier

Some Troubles Arising From Rationalization of Deliveries: Wide Divergence in Coriditions, Costs and Rates: Difficulties...

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OPINIONS and QUERIES MORE RECOGNITION REQUIRED FOR ROAD TRANSPORT IT has been very refreshing reading to go through all

the interesting matter which has recently been appearing - in the editorial, correspondence and other columns of " The...

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Progress in Twin-axle Driving Arrangements,

Resume of Recently Published Patent Specifications F ROM 0, North, P. Hugh, and Scamrnell Lorries, Ltd., -Tolpits 'Lane,...