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2nd October 1942
2nd October 1942
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Page 1, 2nd October 1942

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Inevitability of Gas Producers

Points to be Considered by Those Who Will be Required to Use Suction Gas M ANY .things have been said against the gas producer...

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• Economy Essential in Tractor Fuel

O NLY last week we dealt, in a leaditig article, with the need for prolonging the life of agricultural tractors, but there is...

Passing Comments

Russia Makes Use of A CCORDING to "Soviet More Producer Gas War News," Russia is conEquipment . . . . siderably increasing its...

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One Hears

Of pools that are puddles. That women are more salvage-minded than men. That our male readers should not read "savage " for...

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News of the Week

NEW MINISTRY OF WAR TRANSPORT PLAN f WE gather that considerable progress Whoa been made with the new plan for the distribution...

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Long-term or Short-term Policy Which Shall It Be?

A RESOLUTION opposing the adoption of the long-term policy proposals which have been put forward in connection with the...

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Critical Tests Ensure Service Vehicle Efficiency

The Mechanization Inspection Department is an Important Branch of War Organization. How Its Inspectors Work at Leading...

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An Operating Cost! ecords Quiz

Second Article Relating, to a Discussion About the Form Which Operating C*s Should Take; Pre liminary Entries L AST week I...

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W ITH the aid of a wellorganized fleet of tractors and much other powerfarming equipment, large areas of land in Brecknockshire...

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Advice on Driver-deferment Problems

Many Men Have Been Lost to the Industry Through Neglect by Themselves and Their Employers. After Receiving an Elistment Notice...

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A Shabby Deal for Chartered Vehicle Operators•

Much Has Been Said and Written About the Government Road Haulage Scheme, But Here are the Experiences of an Actual Participant...

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Haulage Man-power Problem Becoming Serious

C ASES in which drivers taken from a ....Yorkshire haulage firm are now being employed on pick-and-shovel work, whilst a...

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• Heat-treatment Shop and Foundry

Aid Production Drive Among Other Points Reference is Made to Eleetrolytic Descaling of High-chromium Steel in Fused Caustic and...

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Small Haulier Does Good Renovating Job

AISTAKEN for a new vehicle wher1Ylever it goes, so its operator tells us, the E.R.F. outfit, shown -in an accompanying picture,...

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OPINIONS and QUERIES The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects

connected with the use of com mercial motors. Letters shou!d be written on both sides of the paper. The right of abbreviation...

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Many Operators Resent Attack on Mr. E. B. Howes

VOUR contributor, Mr. J. Brown, of Leicester, makes - I some bold statements in his letter, many of which are open to...

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Cheaply Produced Substitute for Ball Bearings

A Resume of Patent Specifications that Have Recently Been Published B ECAUSE the present demand for ball bearings is in excess...