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2nd July 1908
2nd July 1908
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Page 1, 2nd July 1908

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Impervious Even to Ridicule.

Some people will continue to make themselves ridiculous, even in the face of ridicule; others mistake ironical cheering for...

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Lubricants and Lubrication for Motor Vehicles.

The Relative Merits of High-Grade and Low-Grade Lubricating Oils. A Case for Good Quality and Purity. During the early days of...

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London Central Omnibus Company' s Action.

German Manufacturer and Former Director Sued. After two days hearing, a case of much interest to the motor omnibus world was...

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Solid-rubber Tires for Heavy Loads.

Lower Prices in the Rubber Market Render the Use of Steam Wagons with Rubber-shod Wheels a Commercially-practicable Course....

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Re-shoeing Steel Driving Wheels.

The steel shoes on the driving wheels of tractors and steam wagons are likely to work loose, and eventually to drop off, or to...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

London Fusions. Our last week's announcement about the amalgamation of the General, Road Car, and Vanguard companies appeared...

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News and Comment.,

This journal has an exclusive, genuine and maintained Circulation: memberi - of its Editorial staffl have practical experience...

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Out and Home._By "The Extractor."

The Gaulois tires are making steady progress in the English market. Mr. Tyacke, one of their representatives, is at present on...

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Full Report and Description of Special Points about the Tractor, Wagon, and Other Exhibits in the Showya.rd at...

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The Edilor invites correspand.nce on all subjects connected ulth Me use of commercial m tors. Letters should be oss one side of...

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Sunday Motor Excursions.

The prophecy contained in our article of the 12th September last, on the personally-conducted tour by motor charA-banes, that...

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Contributions from Drivers and Mechanics.

Ten Shillings Weekly for the Best Communication Received, and One Penny a Line of ten words for anything else published....

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The Supply Department.

Selected Information 2e , hich is likely to be of Interest to Makers, Owners, and their Buye/s. Machine for Cleaning...

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Patents Completed.

TORQUE ROD.—Royce.—No. 24,650, clated 7th November, 1907.—A spindle (2) is connected to a portion of the rear axle (1) by...