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2nd January 1948
2nd January 1948
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Page 1, 2nd January 1948

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Prospects for 1948

WEare now in the New A Few Thoughts on a Position Year, and throughout Which Keeps Many in a State the' road transport...

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Passing Comments

Points Raised in ConTHE discussion which fol nection with Rubber lowed the paper on the Bonding . . welding of rubber to metal,...

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One Hears

That Worcester's new bus station will be saucy. That this season rubber is not the only material which is " calendered." Of...

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News of the Week

"EAST KENT" TO FIGHT BIG SHAREHOLDER? A LTHOUGH, with the , nationalization of the railways, a large shareholding in the East...

Mr. Strauss and Sir R. Rootes

Cross Swords IN the House of Commons, shortly I before the recess, Mr. G. R. Strauss, Minister of Supply, replied to a recent...

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Personal Pars

MR. A. WYLIE has been appointed chairman, and MR. A. J. B. Wyue has succeeded him as joint managing director, of Wyfies, Ltd.,...

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Passenger Transport News

LONDON TRANSPORT PREPARES FOR ARCTIC NEW YEAR QPECIAL preparations based on ex perience gained last winter have been made by...

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Dispute Over South Wales Workers'

Services QPECIAL conditions on a Mon mouthshire operator's service between Ebbw Vale and Newport, made as recently as last...

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Progress in

RESEARCH and TECHN IQUES T YRE wear has been studied m the United States, and it has been proved that, even with full attention...

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By Hamish McTavish and we were in full flight backwards! The back of my head suddenly crashed hard against the cab and we came...

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6o B.U.T.

Trolleybuses for Johannesburg A FTER waiting over eight years, 1 - 1 owing to the war, Johannesburg Municipality, South...

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I . a Tell-tale to Fig. 2.

ENGINE EFFICIENCY nNE of the chief factors governing the power developed by both petrol and oil engines is the manner in...

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Hydraulic Stabilizers for Buses

1 - N the current practice of fitting / stabilizers to vehicles it is normal to rely on the rolling tendency of the chassis for...

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70 Miles Non-stop on a Battery-electric

B ATTERY-ELECTRIC vehicles are known to.. give 'their best performance when the weather is warm and dry, but on the day when I...

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Taking the "Kick" Out of the Oil Engine

Mr. A. J. Hirst, B.Sc., A.M.1.Mech.E., Describes to 1.R.T.E. Members the Progress Made in Rubber-to-Metal Bonding T HE...

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U.S. Users Prefer Articulated Vehicles

C URRENTincreasing use of semitrailers in this country gives added interest to an article on the type— which the American calls...

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Refinements in Power assisted Steering Gear

PA A STEERING system for large vehicles, where the driver's effort is amplified by the application of compressed air, is...