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2nd February 1945
2nd February 1945
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Page 1, 2nd February 1945

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Technical Trends and Possibilities

T HE field covered by road transport in' its many forms is of great interest; not only to those immediately engaged in it as...

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Pass ing Comments

Area .Restrictions A STRONG plea for priority rt for public-service passen Buses ger vehicles was made recently Shoulti Not...

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One Hears

That light metals will carry weight in post-war design. That in rarefied air aeroplane fuel "boils,' the bubbles starving the...

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News of the Week

MAKERS AND MATERIAL SUPPLIERS COLLABORATE - 110RiTISII makers of commercial L)vehicles and cars are, through the S,M.M,T.,...

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Clearing Up Merger Problems in Yorkshire P ASSENGER-VEHICLE, ancillary and haulage

interests were all represented at a dinner, last week, on the eve Of the conference called with a view to settling differences...

New Idea on Problem of Rates Stabilization A DVANTAGES of

a centralized tAcharging autho - r - it3i as an instrument for the stabilization of haulage rates by the road-transport...

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A N announcement by Sir Miles Thomas, D,F.C., vice-chairman of the Nuffield Organization, is to the . effect that any worker...

Historical Milestones of a Famous Maker

W E have already referred briefly to, the fact that thiS year 'marks the jubilee of Dennis Bros„ Ltd. This company is, however,...

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Is Grouping the Best Solution?

W ITH the sole object of improving my conception of the advantages alleged to be gained by joining one • of the existing...

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And Now To Work

HE long, dreary way of negotiations having been traversed and many road-blocks successfully over, come, the National Road...

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Man zfinements in AUSTIN I F-WAR CHASSIS

I N its immediate post-war programme, the Austin Motor Co., Ltd., will offer six basic types of commercial vehicle. Two are...

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Utility Bodies Introduce New Ventilation Problems

T HE earlier war-time bus bodies, both single and double-deck types, were built with single-skin roofs made of steel. In...

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Some of the Legal Aspects of Hire-car Operation

I N a previous article I referred to the regulations controlling the operation of taxicabs in London, and it was then stated...

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An Easily Cleaned Air Filter

IF an air filter be diffic,ult to clean, there is less likelihood of the job being attempted, TO produce an effective lter...