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29th March 1917
29th March 1917
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Page 1, 29th March 1917

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Rubber Tires and Treads for Agrimotors : New Standardization.

We offer congratulations to the " Culti s tractor" department of the Austin Motor Co., Ltd., upon the decision to make it a...

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Approved Depots.—Article V.

Parsons and Hemball, Ltd., at Town Quay, Southampton. • The Port of Southampton is for more than one reason appropriately...

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One Hears— Of Ford playing for time.

Surly remarks in Tankland. Of police traps at the Front. Motor cues to the potato queues. That more may be heard of...

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Robey's Stearn Wagon.

A Fine Five.-ton Steamer, of Well-known and Popular Type, but Possessing Many Original and Useful Features. Robey and Co.,...

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Austin' s " Culti-tractors."

Extra Wheels livith Rubber Tires for Work on the Road. We had pleasure in recording, several weeks ago, the fact that the...

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Square Pegs in Round Holes.

Now is the Time to Prepare for the Proper Placing of Men Who Will Ultimately be Demobilized. Many of Their Jobs Will Have Gone....

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The Wheels of Industry.

"The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points an sing, as a carriage is by the...

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Coal-gas Fittings.

A Brief Description of a Necessary Piece of Apparatus. In arranging to use coal-gas for internal-combustion engines from a...

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Chariots of War I Have Driven.

No. 4.—THE PEERLESS. Driving a Peerless Lorry on the Western Front. By One of Our "Despatches" Contributors. (Continued from...

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Opinions from Others.

The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should he on one side of...

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Ford s Cork Factory.

Representations by the British Motor Industry. An active move by British motor manufacturers, following upon the facts to...

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Lamps Alight.

Light your lamps at 7.2 in London, 7.50 in Edinblue . 7.12 in Newcastle, 7.16 in Liverpool, .7.10 in Birmingham, 7.12 in...

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With Intent to Improve.

A Weekly Summary of Recent Patents, of Interest to the Maker and User of Commercial Motor Vehicles. Selected and Abridged by...