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28th September 1905
28th September 1905
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Page 1, 28th September 1905

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The Saving of Rent.

The appreciation of sites which are comparatively remote from main line railway stations, and the improving demand for land...

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News and Comment.

Our seventh special number—" THE MIDDLEMAN'S ISSUE "—is announced for October 12th. This is a new departure which will enlist...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Mr. E. Shrapnel] Smith has been elected honorary vicepresident of the Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers. Motor omnibus...

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Where Railways Fail.

By a Reader who Uses a Steam Wagon for His Short-distance Loads. The never-failing subject of our railways, their doings and...

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The Commercial Motor.

Concluded 133 , EDMUND DANGERFIELD. Editor: E. SHRAPNELL SMITH. Manager ERNEST PERMAN. 7-15, Rosebery Avenue. London, E.G....

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The Mann Steam Tractors, Carts and Wagons.

We herewith give four illustrations and a description of the steam vehicles built by Mann's Patent Steam Cart and Wagon...

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Public Service Garages.

The London General Omnibus Company's Preparations. The London General Omnibus Company, Limited, which is the...

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Water Supplies for Steam Wagons. Sir :—Allow me, through your pages, to thank Mr. J. Summer for his most readable article on "...

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Prested Accumulators. Motor Fire Engines.

The Prested accumulator may fairly claim to be in the very front rank of this class of ignition apparatus. During the last two...

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A New Type of Omnibus for London.

A member of our staff recently had the pleasure of inspecting a chassis built by Messrs. Turgan,. of LevalloisFerret, France,...

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The Motor Drivers News.

How to Make a Rope Tyre. J.W.M." (Leicester) writes us under date the 23rd inst :— " I think the following explanation of how...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

No. 13,066, dated June 24th, 1905.Lubricator.—The United Kingdom Self. AdjustingAnti-Friction Metallic Packing Synd., Ltd. —...