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28th July 1944
28th July 1944
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Page 1, 28th July 1944

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The Muddle Concerning Taxation

Chancellor of the Exchequer Flooded With Conflicting Views From a Variety of Bodies W E have watched with a feeling almost of...

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Passing Comments

The Vital Importance HE existence of terminal of Good Terminal I facilities is a basic factor in Facilities all ?natters of...

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One Hears

Of the dood:e bugbear. That the many now, more than ever, owe much to the few. That the Editor does not want his " baby" to...

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News of the Week

S.J.C. KEEPING FULLY OCCUPIED A T a recent meeting of the S.J.0 Executive Committee, Mr. D. Richardson was appointed acting...

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Inquiry Into Sand Haulage Rates

WHETHER a transaction involving the haulage of sand VV between Gresford and Burtonwood should be priced in accordance with the...

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Why It Is Unwise to Compare Operating Costs

It is Rarely Safe to Attempt to Compare Operating Costs, as Produced by one Haulier, with those of Another, for the Reason that...

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T HE furniture-removals trade, between the wars; was one which, due to economic and other conditions outside the scope of this...

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Bearing Production in a Country District

R ECENTLY we accompanied a party of Parliamentary and other guests, which, at the invitation of Mr. S. P. a Loosen, the...

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Bureaucracy Must Not Control Agriculture

C INCE a very early stage in the war, suggestions have been put forward. that the farming industry should he kept urder much...

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UERIES DRIVERS WHO SHOW A LACK OF APPRECIATION VOUR leading article, "Homes from Home for I Drivers," in your - issue for...

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Make Do and Mend in Metals

Shortage of Strategic Materials has Served to Popularize Welding and Hard-facing Techniques for Repair Purposes and the...

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Shot-blast Process as Aid to Maintenance

A N important feature in repair and maintenance work to-day is that of time-saving, and if this can be achieved, together with...

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A Remedy for Valve-seat Distortion

A Re'surne of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published T HE high temperatures attained in modern engines often...