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28th February 1907
28th February 1907
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Page 1, 28th February 1907

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Discrimination Extraordinary !

We hope Sir E. R. Henry's "Noise Committee" has not decided to reject motorbuses simply for the sake of finding something to...

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Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers.

Discussion - on the Paper by Mr. Worby Beaumont. The reading of the paper concluded, the Chairman (Mr. F. C A. Coventry) said...

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Useful Charts and Tables. No. 5.

By George Watson, A.M.I.Mech.E. Road Resistance, Gradient and Tractive Effort. The resistance to the motion of a motor...

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Special Steels for Motor Vehicles.

There is one most important subject, in. connection with the motor-vehicle industry, which, we think, has not received the...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The concluding portion of Messrs. Ilart and Durtnall's reply to the discussion on their paper before the Society of Motor...

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Penrith and Ullswater Motorbuses.

A Disappointing Season is Attributed to the Choice of Wrong Vehicles. The first annual report of the directors of the Penrith...

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News and Comment.

The !acts about this issue: Newsagents and subscribers' orders, 6,500 copies; voucher, library, hotel, and other regular...

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Getting Ready for Olympia.

The First International Commercial Motor Vehicle Show Demands the Attention of all who have Commercial Interests. A week from...

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Fuel Economy.

The Gillett-Lehmann Carburetter Attachment. Further to the Editorial references in our issue of the 7th instant, where a new...

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The B.T.H. Petrol-Electric System. The Editor," THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :—In looking over your description of the above...

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Depreciation—How Should it be Charged ?

By Douglas Mackenzie. There are many eeopk by whom the term depreciation is /never understood. It appears CO them, merely, as...

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From Our Berlin Correspondent.

Financial Results of Motorcabs. An enquiry instituted by the " Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger" into the financial results of working...

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Bolts and Nuts.

Contributed by an Engineer-in-Charge. The uses to which bolts, and nuts, are put, in all classes of :machinery, are many and...

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The Motor Drivers News.

Inefficient Drivers. " J.D." (Keighley) says : " I seem to have got known through writing to this page, as only a week ago an...

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Patents Completed.

SUSPENSION SPRING.—Brown and Another.—No. 4,820, dated 27th February, 1906.—The spring (Al of a traction engine is mounted...