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27th September 1940
27th September 1940
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Page 1, 27th September 1940

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Hitler Stiffening Our Resistance

I F Hitler believes that he will eventually better the Nazis' cause by his indiscriminate bombing of London and other centres...

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Passing Comments U P and down the country, wherever one goes,

one sees constant streams of road vehicles ably and expeditiously discharging their functions as carriers of necessities and...

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One Hears

That it has happened, that it has not, that it wilt not. That after a year of war we are more confident than ever of ultimate...

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NEWS of the WEEK

PRICES OF PETROL AND OIL FUEL ADVANCED L AST Tuesday the Petroleum Board, with the consent of the Government, increased the...

Higher Rates for Coal Haulage

nNE of the earliest successful 1, --/attempts to stabilize haulage rates was the outcome of negotiations between the local...

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Yorkshire Reactions to Bid for

Further Wages Demand , T I TREE Yorkshire road-transport operators, who have written letters in support of opposition to the...

Scientist Considers Low-pressure

Gas for Transport Vehicles THEORETICAL considerations rola thig to optimum power output from low-pressure town gas form the...

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Half-million Miles by AEC. Mercury

A N A.E.C. Mercury lorry which has now clocked up over half-a-million . miles is included among the vehicles operated by W. and...

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OF PROGRESSIVE DESIGN A LTHOUGH the majority of makes of vehicle producer-gas plant on the British market operate on the...

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Opinions and Queries

DIFFICULTIES IN OBTAINING PERMITS • FOR NEW VEHICLES WE would like to bring to your notice the considerable VT difficulty we...

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Producer Gas Maintains Interworks Executive Transport

Morris "Utility" Vehicle . Equipped with Brush Koela Plant Enables Personnel of Concern Having a Number of Different...

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From Mak( :0 Operator

Leading Lancashire Con r's Long-term Experience EHICLES operated by H. Viney and Co., Ltd., are a familiar sight on roads in...

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Operating Aspects of Passenger Transport

PROVINCIAL BUS MEN TO CARRY ON IN RAIDS • A N agreement which covers some 90,000 bus personnel employed by private companies...

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Many Operators Do Not Yet Appreciate That Concessions Have Been Made in Respect of Weights, Speeds and Taxation toFacilitate...

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Flexible Coupling Employing Bonded Rubber

A Resume of Recently Pubfished Patent . Specifications F LEXIBLE couplings for transrnission systems are the subject of patent...