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27th July 1945
27th July 1945
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Page 1, 27th July 1945

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Competition for Representation

T HE National Road Transport Federation and one of its constituent associations, the R.H.A., may have to face competition in...

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Passing Comments

Are Liquid-filled THE driving wheels of some Tractor Tyres More I trac,tors. can be filled with efficient . . fluid to add to...

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One Hears—

Right? Left? Left right for Britain. That we cannot afford to ease up on the Japanese. That the electric " horse " is " nippy...

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News of the Week

B.R.F. URGES THE WITHDRAWAL ee • OF 73B T HE drastic regulation, 7313, by which the carriage of general traffic by load,...

N.A.R.T.G. Discusses its Policy T WO meetings of the National Association

of Road Transport Groups were held last Friday, the first being a genetal meeting of members, at which it was decided to add...

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Should a "Group " Become a General Clearing House?

H OW far a hauliers' group shOuld go in clearing-hdirse activities was a question discussed When menthers of the Leeds...

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Personal Pars MR. CHARLES G. RENOLD, Of Renolcl and Coventry

Chain Co., Ltd., Barnage, Manchester, has been made a magistrate for the city. MR. H. W. J. INSHAW has relinquished his post...

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A Simple Top-dead-centre Indicator

r 1 Nsome types of engine it is difficult, if not impossible, 'a—Ito use a wire or tither direct means for getting a...

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The Motor Industry Pays Tithe

Motor Taxation Equivalent to One-tenth of Country's Revenue: A Glaring Example of Uneconomic Method • of Taxation By H. Scott...

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Our Industry's Contribution to Victory

The S.M.M.T„ Through the Pen of Charles Graves, Describes How the Motor Industry Achieved Astonishing Records in Armaments...

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A Striking and Provocative Contribution Minds of Many Hauliers, Both !Umbel ;ubject Which Is at Present Exercising the...

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Spotlight on Special Steels

The Development of a Special Vitreous enamelling Sheet Needing No Groundcoat is Symptomatic of the Urge to Economize in Time...

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DO HAULIERS ENCOURAGE NATIONALIZATION MOVE? WAS very interested in the editorial comments in your issue dated July 13, as to...

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Preventing Whip in Gearbox Shafts

A Risme . of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published rRom Guy Motors, Ltd., Fallings 1 Park, Wolverhampton, and...