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27th July 1911
27th July 1911
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Page 1, 27th July 1911

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The Swiftest City in the World.

London, in the old days of stone paving, was known as the noisiest city in the world. Nobody was supposed really to know...

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The 1912 Parade : Preliminary Arrangements.

The Parade will be held in June ; entries will be invited and the general conditions issued on, approximately, the 15th...

A Return Visit to London.

Impressions After 12 Years of Residence in the U.S.A. Mr. Walter L. Bodman. a pioneer worker in the cause of heavy motor...

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One Hears—

That a wicker-work spring wheel is now on the market, but that so far one made of hairpins has not made its appearance. * * *...

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Twenty Years of Maple' s Deliveries.

Economical Running is Secured by High Average Mileage. A Lacre (Albion) Van with over 60,000 Miles to its Credit....

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Out and Home. — By "The Extractor."

The controversy between the B.U.R. T. Co., Ltd., and Halley Industrial Motors, Ltd., has taken up a good share of attention : I...

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Motorcab Topics,

News contributions are invited: payment will be made on publication. During last week, a number of applications was made to...

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News contributions are inrited: payment will be made on publication. The second editorial on the fir: page of this issue deals...

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Fire-Brigade Matters.

• News contributions are invited: payment will be mode on pubtication. Brighouse Corporation (Yorks.) has taken delivery of...

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News and Comment.

This journal is admitted to possess the influence, the men, the standing and the leading circulation. It is exclusively read by...

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The New Leyland Railcar.

The Successful Application of a Large Petrol Engine and the Thomas Transmission System to a Main Line Railway Coach. The...

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The Pilgrim 10-cwt. Van.

Many of our readers may yet have in mind the unusual chassis of the Pilgrim pleasure car, with which several public...

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The Engineers' Influence on Sales.*

A Plea for Scientific Organization and "Team Play." tile sharacteristics of the commercial line are in radical contrast with...

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Opinions from Others.

Swiss-built Vulcan Lorries. The Editor, THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. !,1,:i9 I] Sir,—Our attention has been called to your Answer to...

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Answers to Queries.

Automobile Watering Carts. L1,843] " ENGINEERS, VANCOUVER, B.C." write As regular subscribers to your paper, we shall be very...

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Contributions from Drivers and Mechanics.

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY for the Best Communication Received, and One Penny a Line of ten words for any thing else published....

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Patents Completed.

Complete specifications of the following patents will be sent to any address in the United Kingdom upon receipt of eightpence...