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26th October 1945
26th October 1945
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Page 1, 26th October 1945

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German Rehabilitation and Transport

O N Wednesday last week we returned from an extensive European road tour in the course of which we covered some 1,500 miles in...

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Passing Comments

Obviating Difficulty L'VERYONE knows the diffiin Picking Up Small "culty often experienced in Parts picking up some small part...

One Hears

Still a lot of groaning over zoning. That it is at the bottom of many scarcities and superfluities and leads to a great deal...

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News of the Week

• GOVERNMENT SPARE-PARTS . SCHEME MODIFIED THE future of the Spares Shortage Certificates Scheme has been discussed between the...

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Transport Delegation Tours British Zone in Germany A DELEGATION arranged by the

Ministry of War Transport visited Germany from October 8 to 16, to inspect the work of the Highways and Highway Transport...

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Radiant Heat—A New Technique in Paint-drying

A MEANS for the quick-drying of 1k newly painted surfaces of vehicle bodies was last week demonstrated at the Paints Division...

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Milk to be Carried for Scandalously Low Rate of Profit

Allowed by the Milk Marketing Next to Nothing! Board to Hauliers Engaged Upon the Carriage of Milk T IIE Milk Marketing...

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Carrimore Flexible Mounting for Semi-trailers

A N entirely new principle of mount ing a semi-trailer turntable has recently been adopted by Carrimore 5,x Wheelers, Ltd.,...

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How the I.R.T.E. Can Help the Maker

Sir Miles Thomas, D.F.C., M.1.A.E., Vice-chairman of the Nuffield Organization, Addresses the First Lecture Meeting of the...

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.MHE First World War gave a fillip to the T HE of the petrol engine, but the Second World War has given such impetus to the...

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TIPPING LORRIES COULD MAKE COAL FLOW A T last the Ministry of Food has allowed food to be taken by road, over long distances;...

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Refresher Courses at an Army Training School •

S ITUATED in idyllic surroundings, between pine-clad slopes of a typical Alpine valley in the heart of Austria, is an unique...

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Personal Pars

MR. J. WRIGHT, A.F.R.Ae.S., general_ manager of the Dunlop Rim and Wheel . Works, Foleshill Coventry, has been appointed a...

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Flexible Tanks for Road Vehicles

F LEXL13LE fuel tanks, for use on aircraft, are well known, but road vehicles have, so far, been fitted only with the usual...