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26th October 1905
26th October 1905
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Page 1, 26th October 1905

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The Dispersal of Mud.

What would the horse say, could he speak out, when November approaches? Did the animal wear sleeves, how full must they be of...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Ignition is the subjc. , ct down for discussion at the next general meeting of the Soc. NI .0. Eng., which will be held at the...

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The German A.C. Van and Omnibus Trials.

Second Report from our Berlin Correspondent. I should like to he allowed to correct a typographical error which crept into...

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Royal Commission on the Motor Car Acts.

The following few selections of sections in Mr. Rice Jeffrey's' most extensive list of headings will enable our readers to...

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Roadside Water Supplies for a Penny in the Slot.

The article entitled " Roadside Water for a Penny in the Slot," which appeared in our issue of September 14th, has given rise...

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Highway Bridges.

"The Commercial Motor" by H. Howard Humphreys, M.Inst.C.E., M.Inst.Mech.E., Consulting Engineer on Roads to the British War...

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The Frankfort Motor Show.

On October 20th, in strict accordance with the programme, the Frankfort. Automobile Exhibition was opened in the presence of...

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Ignoring would-be Passengers. The Editor, " TEE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :-.-There is one point I would like to refer to in...

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The Equipment and Organisation of a Motor Repair Shop or Running Shed.

FIFTH ARTICLE. In continuation of this series, the first of which appeared in our issue of August 24th, we now illustrate and...

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Electric Tramcars or Motor Omnibuses ?

Discussion by the Oxford City Council. Dr. Cannan seconded the motion. Mr. Twining expressed the opinion that there was no...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

Tyre ; Axle bearing; Tube expander; Emergency brake. No. 20,888, dated September 28t11, 1904. —Cord Tyre. — Sloper. — The...