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25th April 1907
25th April 1907
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Page 1, 25th April 1907

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The Conference on Roads.

The conference between road makers and road users was opened, at Olympia, on Friday afternoon last, under the 4thairmanship of...

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Storage Battery Systems for Motor Omnibuses.

By Allred Hay, D.Sc., M.I.E.E. In a previous article*, the writer briefly reviewed the ;Acta features of the more recent forms...

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The Road Conference at Olympia.

Abstracts front. Two of the Papers. SOME POINTS OF THE, ROAD-BRIDGE PROBLEM. By HOWARD HUMPHREYS, 141.1.Mech.E.,...

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Utility Motors in France.

Parisian Motorbuses. Writing under date Saturday, the 20th April, our Paris correspondent says : Next week—on Monday, in all...

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Light Delivery Wagons.

By Henry Sturmey. For the past decade a very large' amount of serious attention has been given by manufacturers to the...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Dr. Alfred Hay, D.Sc., M.I.E.E., liscusses the use of " mixed " systems .Yith storage batteries (page 193). The first machine...

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News and Comment.

This Journal has the largest and most valuable circulation amongst users and prospective users : : the regular circulation now...

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From Our Berlin Correspondent.

I understand that the Deutsche Benzol-Vereinigung (German Benzol Association) has considerably over 4,000 tons of benzol...

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A Visitor from India. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. " Sir :—I think it well to let you know that Mr. Arthur Hoare, who...

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An Old-time Taximeter.

As many of our readers will be aware, a new regulation comes into force, on the 1st of July next, which renders compulsory the...

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Special Steels for Motor Vehicles.

The Teutunic Steel Works, Limited, although it is the , owner of a singularly "German" name, is in "no way connected with the "...

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The Horse-power of the Petrol Motor.

Extracts from and Discussion on Mr. F. W. Lanchester's Paper. The paper by Mr. F. W. Lanchester, in spite of its extremely...

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The Motor Drivers News.

A Broken Piston. " J.B." (Cricklewood) wishes this lettei . to appear in the "Drivers News " :—" Perhaps the following...

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Patents Completed.

PETROL. ELECTRIC SYSTEM. — Hart and Another.—No. 27,096, dated 28th December, l905.—In carrying out the invention as applied to...