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24th August 1940
24th August 1940
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Page 1, 24th August 1940

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Passing Comments

Largest Concrete rROSSING Lake Washing Floating Bridge in the ‘-'ton to Seattle is a new World floating bridge. The structure...

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One Hears—

That we must " steel " a march on the enemy. Of a question in zoology : " Can a lion with wings spit fire? " That dirty oil...

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NEWS of the WEEK

SURPLUS MACHINE TOOLS URGENTLY WANTED E VERY spare used machine tool not especially required by its present owner should be...

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London Haulage Association's Good Work

rrlit annual general 'meeting of the I London and Home Counties Haulage Contractors Association was held last Tuesday, when the...

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Some Curious Problems Confronting Operators When Dealing With the Hire of Coaches to the War Office are Here Discussed Solving...

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How Braking Efficiency Depends on Tyre Condition

The Limiting Factor in Braking is the Adhesion Between Tyre and Road. A Contributor Considers This Fundamental Fact from the...

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Among Your Air-raid Precautions Ensure a Drinking-water Supply

Prominent Organizations are Setting an Example. Do Not Overlook What May Easily Become a Matter of Life or Death A S the...

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RS' GEAR-CHANGE WISHES DMATICALLY INTERPRETED AI W HEN an organization of the importance of the General Motors Corporation,...

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Vehicle Remodelling to Save Renewal

An Old R.A.F. Leyland "Converted to a 12-ton Six-wheeled TwinTelescopic-ram Tipper of 1 1 cubic yds. Capacity by Pilot Works,...

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The Editor invites corre.pondence on all subjects connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be written on...

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Operating Aspects of PASSENGER TRANSPORT

HIGHER TAXI FARES IN , GLASGOW? A NOTHER appeal is to be made to Glasgow magistrates by a hiring firm for permission to...

Scottish Bus Transport in War-time

P ARADOXICALLY, war-time conditions have revealed how faithfully the Scottish Motor Traction Co., Ltd., and its associated...

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Insurance Protection for Goods in Transit

Explaining Some Aspects of a Form of Insurance that is not always fully understood by Operators. Need for Careful Analysis of...

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Gas Producer With Variable' Tuyere Position S UGGESTIONS in respect of

gag producers are put forward in patent No. 523,041 by H. Lawrence and the Gas Light and Coke Co.. Ltd., 84, Horseferry Road,...