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23rd July 1943
23rd July 1943
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Page 1, 23rd July 1943

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Trade and Transport Prospects

M ANY and various are the opinions as to the post-war . prospects of trade and industry, and, concomitantly with these, the...

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P.S.V. Wages and Service T HE recent wage increase to employees

on the passenger side of the road industry is, to a large extent, justified by the fact that the earnings in this sphere had...

Passing Comments

B.R.F. Will Help in SHORT leader in the Publicity for Road "Monthly Bulletin of Road Transport . . , Information," published...

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One Hears

That not all " intruders " are so welcome as R.A.F. types. That the total National Debt now stands, at £17,700,000,000. Of...

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News of the Week

M.O.W.T. AND S.J.C. AGREED STATEMENT T RE Central Panel of Controlled Undertakings set up by the S.J.C. functions with local...

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Personal Pars

ALDERMAN ALBERT HAYES, deputychairman of Leeds Passenger Transport Committee, has been nominated for election as Lord Mayor of...

International Bid to Organize Post-war World Trade

C R1T1CS in plenty there will surely be of the prodigious plan formulated by the World Trade Alliance Association for setting...

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A Year's Work of the SJ.C.

Leading Points from an Extensive Review Presented Before the Standing Joint Committee by the Chairman, Mr. J. H. Turner,...

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Further Thoughts on a Nation ates Schedule

A S I expected, I have received a number of criticisms of the figures tor mileage quoted in my previous article. Mileages of...

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the INDUCTION TEM on ENGINE PERFORMANCE THE • induction pipe of the petrol engine has always presented certain controversial...

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Transport Difficulties in By Fruit Distribution "Tantalus"

Lack of Essential Vitamins Contained in Fresh Fruit is Encouraging the Development of Scurvy, Whilst Some Vegetables are...

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Mobile Church on Active Service

Attached to the Royal Army Chaplains' Department, an A.E.C. Six-wheeled Vehicle Has Been Adapted and Specially Fitted Out for...

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TYRE CONSERVATION AND TIMELY REPAIR I AM very interested to observe the space that you are devoting to the serious problem of...

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Brake Equalization in Articulated Vehicles

A Résumé of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published A CCORDINQ to patent No. 553,373, rlit is generally...