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22nd June 1940
22nd June 1940
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Page 1, 22nd June 1940

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Further Freedom by Concerted Action

F OR some time we have been following with interest the progress of road transport in the United States. The main reason for...

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Passing Comments

Searching for Spare rI FFICIALS of both the Paris for Vehicle A.R.O. and the C.M.U.A. Repairs are energetically striving to...

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One Hears

That many of Germany's large bombers operate on oil fuel. That a rail transport monopoly would leave England in the cart....

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NEWS of the WEEK

INCREASED RATES FOR WEEKEND WORK THE secretary of the Metropolitan 1 Area of Associated Road Operators, Mr. S. H. Jardine,...

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Hauliers Facing C-licence Competition

THAT section of the Ministry of Labour which is concerned with wages paid by C-licence holders is reported to be investigating...

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War-time Salvage Problems Discussed O N-lune 14, Mr. J. Stephen, Director

of Public Cleansing, Luton, read his paper, " Public Cleansing in War Time," before the Institute of Public Cleansing, at the...

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Mechanized Fleet Does Qood Work in

BUILDING A 60-MILE VATER-SUPPLY PIPE-LINE The Part Played by Specially Equipped Track-laying Tractors and a Fleet of Lorries...

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Liverpool C.M.U.A. Loses Mr. R. B. Stockdale from Committee i T

is now disclosed that Mr. R. B. Stockdale has resigned from the Liverpool Committee of the C.M.U.A.; because of his...

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Opinions and Queries

• FUEL ECONOMY IN THE ARMY WAS much interested in the letter from Mr. H. ScottI Hall in your issue dated June 15, inspired by...

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TERMINAL DELAYS S PECIALIST in labour-saving gear for loading and unloading, Bromilow and Edwards, Ltd., Bolton, makes a range...

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The Position of the Rank and Perilous. Methods Almost Revoq and the Issue is in Their Hanc auliers After the War will be viii...

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Operating Aspects of Passenger Transport

CHANGE IN AGE-LIMIT FOR CONDUCTORS? IN reply to a suggestion that, in view of the war-time shortage of conductors for...

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Getting the Best from

A "Self-starting" Carburetter By the —7 Solex Service Manager Lack of Knowledge of the Correct Use of This Instrument Can...

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Small Operators Form Bulk of U.S. Industry

B Y far the greatest proportion of commercial vehicles registered in the United States during 1939 were small and privately...

Tank Production at a Midland Factory

D URING privileged visite to various important factories unZer the aegis of the Ministry of Supply, we have noticed, with some...

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Specialist in Major Repairs to Chassis Components

W HETHER to scrap or to keep in service has always been one of the transport operator's problems. Every so • 3ften he has to...

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Review of Progress in

Motor. Metallurgy Developments in a Number of Important Directions Indicate Fields of Use in the Commercial-vehicle Industry...

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A Self-energizing Girling Brake

A BRAKE in which a slight circumferential movement of the shoes induces a powerful self-servo action is shown in patent No....