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22nd June 1916
22nd June 1916
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Page 1, 22nd June 1916

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Royal Show Preparations.

This year's " Royal " will be in the nature of a skeleton display, so far as the majority of the stands in the Implement...

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THE 77TH ROYAL SHOW: A Forecast.

Effects of War Begin to be Seen, but Agrimotor and Traction Exhibits Save the Situation in the Implement Yard. . The...

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The Agrimotors: Eight Exhibitors of Internal-combustion Sets, and One Exhibitor of Steam.

The action of the Ministry of, Munitions, in barring many ot the usual types of exhibits., and in limiting the exhibits of...

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The Wheels of Industry.

" The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a carriage is by the...

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Two-fuel Carburetters and Fittings.—VI.

A Paraffin Vaporizer as Fitted by the Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., to Certain of its Well-known Commercial Vehicles. it is...

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New Lorries from Old.

How the Large Motor Repair Department of the French Transport Service is Organized. A Despatch from Our Special Correspondent...

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The Late Mr. Charles Challiner.

By the death of Mr. Charles Challiner, a joint managing director of the Shrewsbury and Challiner Tyre Co., Ltd., of Manchester,...

Lord French Inspects London Volunteers.

Thirty , -eight Commercial Vehicles Take Part. Several hundred motorcars and motor ambulances paraded in Hyde Park, on...

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Torbensen One-ton Axle.

Markt and Co, Ltd., Becomes Agent for an American Rear Axle. The growth of component factoring still steadily continues. Added...

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Delivering Newspapers in the Early Morning, and Meat for a Full Working Day Afterwards, Employing a Wichita Chassis.

A Machine Need Not be Idle. The most economical way of employing machinery is to work it at full load all its life, stopping...

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Notes from Paris.

Endeavours are being made by agents for American lorries in France to secure .0, repeal of the prohibition law as it applies to...

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Accessories for the Civilian User.

We Inspect Some of the Specialities of Imperial Motor Industries, Ltd. It will readily be realized, of course, that the...

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Patents Completed.

Daimler Petra-electric Drive. Saurer Gudgeon Pin. Barker Side-loading Ambulance. Unusual Magneto Construction. Copies of...