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22nd December 1944
22nd December 1944
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Page 1, 22nd December 1944

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The Link is Forged

L AST week we attended a function which marked the beginning of a new epoch in road-transport history. It was the signing of...

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Passing Comments

C.M.U.A. President rI NE of those who press for No Believer in \-Ithe earliest possible removal Government Controls of...

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One Hears—

That there should not be rings in d pool. That the agreement as to unity was a real "sign" of the times. That despite the "...

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News of the Week

WINDING-UP MEETING OF THE C.M.U.A. A N extraordinary general meeting of the C.M.U.A. is to be held at the Savoy Hotel,...

Hauliers' Warned of Post-war Position

W ARNING against complacency on their post-war position as hauliers was sounded to members of the Heavy Woollen District...

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Signing the Industry's Get.together Treaty

O UR leading article this week deals with the signing of the " pact " by which six of the seven associations representing the...

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25 Years' Progress in Hydraulic Tippers

The Days Before Power Take-offs, When Friction Drive and Steam-driven Turbines Were Used to Operate the Oil Pump I . I N the...

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Solving the Problems of the Carrier

Furniture Removals Routine Some More Answers to Queries Arising From the Short Series of Articles on Furniture Removing Which...

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London Aircraft Production By Our Industry

How Five Concerns in the Metropolitan Area Met the Urgent Need for Halifax Bombers S PEAKING recently at a reception at the...

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Weeping ow Pattern

A Touching Story Concerning the in An Old Country in the L lu.stry and Other Important Matters , nowned Emperor Bu Rok Rassi L...

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Spotlight on Advances in

Metallurgical Processes Increased Knowledge of Chemical and Physical Properties of Metals Makes Possible the Adoption of Bold...

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Simplifying Gear-tooth Measurement

Bench-type Version of the David Brown Tangent Micrometer for Use in Gear-making I N our issue dated September 1, we made...

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. OPPOSE FURTHER DEMANDS FOR HIGHER WAGES WE have noted in your journal the news that there is vv an application, before the...

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The Trader's Service to the Operator

"TOUR report,of the annual conference, at Manchester, I of distributors and dealers of the Seddon vehicle is likely to be...

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A Sealed All-metal Universal Joint

A Resume of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Published A UNIVERSAL joint in which the drive is transmitted, and...