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20th July 1945
20th July 1945
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Page 1, 20th July 1945

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Give the Driver a Square Deal

D RIVERS of commercial vehicles are, as a class, hardworking, conscientious men who take a pride in both their vehicles and...

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Passing Comments

Non-spilling Pipe A WELCOME development Connections Now in pipe installations is Available that of self-sealing connections....

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One Hears

Of many new prodicts out on " hush-hush " tests. That the business whichcannot make ends meet soon meets its end. Of a good...

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News of the Week

RATES AGREED FOR GRAIN HAULAGE-. A GREEMENT has been reached amon g st hauliers in the Eastern Area of R.H.A. re g ardin g...

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Personal Pars

MR. E. J. 'F OURACRE sales manager, and MR D. F, BROWN, assistant to the managing director, have been appointed to the Board of...

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Spotlight on special Steels

War-time Shortages of Alloying Elements have Prompted Fullest Investigation into Steels of Lower Alloy Content, Specially...

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W HENEVER we are dealing with the achievements of the manufacturing side of our industry during the ; years of the European...

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A Self-cleaning Dipstick

TO obtain a true, reading on a dip stick it is - essential that the blade . should be wiped clean before the reading is taken....

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• Transport and, the ueve Problem

Our Contributor Discusses he Probable Main Causes of the Congestion at Food and Other Shops, and Adds His Opinions on This...

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Solving the Problems of the Carrier

Profits from Parcels Carrying Showing How an Intending Parcels Carrier Should Set About Trying to Determine the Potential...

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Hauliers Should Repair Their Own Vehicles

Outspoken Criticism of Our Leading Article in the Issue of By E. B. Howes, July 13, 1945, in Which fee Expressed the Opposite...

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New Features in Cornmer 8-cwt. Supervan

Increased Body Capacity and Improved Engine Components Offered on This Post-war Commer Product A MONGST the most Popular makes...

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A Heavy-duty Engine Starter T HE aircraft industry Iia s. directed

much inventiveness to the problem of starting heavy engines of sixes beyond that for which an electric motor is practicable.A...