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20th July 1940
20th July 1940
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Page 1, 20th July 1940

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Keep Haulage Representation Apart

F OLLOWING tentative moves towards closer co-operation between road-transport associations and even actual working agreements...

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Passing Comments

Indian Efforts to CataCROM an old friend and logue Motor Parts for 1 reader in Bombay come Sale some . humorous extracts from...

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One Hears—

That oiler operators are Iteginning to crow over maintenance costs. That to be successful in the road-transport business a...

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NEWS of the WEEK

BETTER LIVESTOCK RATES CALLED FOR THERE is still some dissatisfaction 1 amongst livestock hauliers, operating the larger types...

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Germany Facing a Tyre Famine

Enforcement of Lower Speed Limits, Smaller Tyres and Twin Front-wheel Equipment Among Measures to Combat Rubber Shortage H OW...

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/ N no sphere of mechanical road transport have there been vaster changes since the 1914-18 war than in the Royal Air Force....

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An A.E.C. Twin-steerer Appears

A ' yet unnamed, but described as alternative to the Mammoth Minor, a new model six-wheeler, with twin. steering axles at the...

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Nigerian Operator Praises British Lorries

• A Valuable Summary of the Characteristics Found to be Desirable in Vehicles Working Under Extremely Difficult Conditions T...

Army Mobility a Vital Factor in Preserving American Freedom

An American Authority Points to the Importance of Adequate Highways for Ensuring Rapid Movement of Armed Forces T...

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Solving the Problems of the Carrier

What Are Profitable Rates for Sand and Ballast? Schedule of Rates for the Haulage of Sand and Ballast and Allied Materials,...

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Small Track-layer Proves Its Merits

Results of R.A.S.E. Tests of the Bristol Tractor Offer Reliable Proof of the Capabilities of the Machine Under Different...

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Eagle Introduces Trailer for Sarvage

'THE two-wheeled trailer shown in accompanying pictures has been designed specially by the Eagle 4Engineering Co., Ltd.,...

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Operating Aspects of

PASSENGER TRANSPORT TH1RD-PARTY RISKS ON HIRED COACHES I T is anticipated that an official announcement will be made in tife...

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Laundry Fleet Maintains Norm Service with Alternative

C0:0 PqR Fuels Big Manchester Operator Turns to Producer and Town Gas and Keeps to Schedule Despite Difficult Conditions T HE...

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Oil Cooling for Piston Crowns

A Resume of Patent Spedfications that Have Recently Been Published P ATENT No. 521,632 shows a scheme for cooling pistons of...