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1st June 1905
1st June 1905
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Page 1, 1st June 1905

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"Dangerous' Goods.

The system of classification of merchandise adopted by the railways of this country frequently acts harshly by its effect upon...

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Next Thursdqiy late shall publish our Fourth Special Issue. This will be devoted to the use of Commercial Motors in the Milling...

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News of the Week.

" THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR " was the first journal announced as a weekly in connection with self-propelled vans and lorries. The...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Notice has been given to the Edinburgh Town Council by Messrs. Telfer and Cunningham, of intention to establish a bus service...

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The St. Pancras Ironwork Co.'s Wagons

For the City oY London Corporation. The St. Pancras Iron Work Co., Ltd., of 171, St. Pancras Road, London, NW., has received...

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The Widnes and Runcorn Transpc idge for Vehicles and Passengers.

Its completion supplies a much needed improvemc tnication between Lancashire and North Wales. So long ago as the beginning of...

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The Canadian Government Advertising Wagon.

Additional particulars of the Canadian Government's advertising van to those given in our issue of May itth, which have been...

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Continental Progress.

In Berlin the mechanically-propelled delivery van is steadily pushing out the horse-drawn vehicle. Not only are enterprising...

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The French Agricultural Trials.

Only two systems were represented at Bordeaux this week in the demonstrations for tractors. These were—as announced in our...

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Improvements in Boilers. The Editor, "THE COMMERCIAL MoToR." Sir,--I have read with interest the first part of the able...

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The Drivers' Page.

R.A. (Liverpool) writes :—" Some time ago I was driving one of three steam wagons owned by a firm in Lancashire. One night when...

An Austrian motor ambulance constructed by Jacob Lohner and Co.,

of Vienna, and driven by electric motors within the hubs of the steering wheels. Action is quite noiseless, an obvious...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

No. 10,744: Dated May path, 1904.W. J. Crossley, of Crossley Bros., Ltd. and J. Atkinson.—An internal combustion engine devised...