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1st August 1907
1st August 1907
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Page 1, 1st August 1907

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kppreciation and Depreciation.

We had occasion, last week, to challenge the statements pf a member of the deputation to Sir E. R. Henry in regard o certain...

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Motor Wagons in Somersetshire.

A Typical Action is Lost by Clutton Rural District Council, A case of great importance to owners of motor wagons was opened...

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Proposed Motorvans Tor Westminster.

Interesting Tenders. At the meeting of the Westminster City Council on the 25th July, the Highways Committee brought up a...

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A New Agricultural Motor.

Tractor and Mowing Machine Combined. The considerable degree of success which has at - tended the introduction of the...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

At Harrogate, we recently observed several of the Clarkson steam buses at work; they are certainly doing extremely good work....

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Through Booking Arrangement. Negotiations have been in progress for some time past (see this journal for 4th July, page 439)...

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News and Comment.

This journal fosters, represents, and chronicles commercial motoring in all its branches : weekly circulation exceeds 8,000...

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A New 30-cwt. British-built Delivery Van.

The Light Model by Commercial Cars, Ltd. Encouraged by the success which has met the introduction of its 4-ton lorry chassis,...

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Motoreabs. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :—I am glad to see from your recent issues that manufacturers of...

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Lever-Spring Suspension.

An Invention which may Supersede Laminated Springs. ,The arrangement of levers and helical springs which we illustrate on this...

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Previous Commercial Motor Trials (IV).

The 1901 Liverpool Official Programme and Hill Tests. One of the most useful pieces of work in connection with the...

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Two New Mechanical Lubricators.

Proper lubrication increases the life of any machine enormously, because it keeps the bearings constantly running on films of...

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Patents Completed.

MOTOR VEHICLES. —Pieper. —No. 16,E7ff, dated 4th July, 1906.—This invention relates to motor road vehicles in which two...