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18th November 1909
18th November 1909
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Page 1, 18th November 1909

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Olympia Reflections.

"There is not enough commercial-motor trade to keep a single works occupied," commented a well-known member of the industry...

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Suggestions about South Africa.

By E. W. S. The "Roads. The " roads" of South Africa are indeed a peculiarity of the country. They have been " evolved," like...

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The Brennan Mono-Track Vehicle.

Demonstrations near Chatham with a Machine Weighing 22 Tons, and Capable of Taking 70 Passengers or 15 Tons of Goods. Just, as...

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Yews contribution are invited: payment 'trill be made cn publication.

There were several buyers of publicservice char-I banes and similar machines making enquiries at Olympia Pleasure-Car Show. One...

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Fire-Brigade Matters.

A sub-committee of Barnes District Council is to consider a report from the Surveyor (Mr. G. Bruce James) on motor...

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A Surprise from Gamage' s.

The Latest All-British Enterprise. Mr.. A. W. Carnage has decided that there shall be a Carnage Motorcab Company, and the...

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News and Comment.

This journal is about to issue its Seventh Export Special Number. An intereqcting letter, from Mr. H. Kerr Thomas to " The...

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Another interesting item about the Manchester Show reaches me. I

understand th a t A Hyrnotic Foden's champion Sugestion. ship band has been engaged for t h e week, so we shall have a good...

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Motorcab Topics.

News contributions are ineffrri: payment will be made on pubhce Hen. Mr. A. W. Gamage expresses some . views iu regard to his...

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Conclusion of the French Trials.

Their Bearing on the British War Department. The French trials of heavy motors. at the inception of which a three-page article...

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Opinions from Others.

The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be on one side of...

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Contributions from Drivers and Mechanics.

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY for the Best Communication Received, and One Penny a Line of ten words for any thing else published....

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Patents Completed.

Complete specifications of the following patents will be sant to any address in the United Kingdom upon receipt of eightpence...