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17th September 1943
17th September 1943
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Page 1, 17th September 1943

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The Delinquencies of Buses

T HE men and, now, in many cases, the women manning buses throughout the country have, in the past, received numbers of...

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Wheels• and Their Woes

T HE article cOncerning various troubles with wheels, which we published last week, has already aroused a considerable amount...

Passing Comments

Channels for VentliatTHERE have been suggesing Haulage Scheme 1 tions thatthe M.O.W.T., Suggestions . . . . having arranged its...

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One Hears

That transport's temPo is trying tempers. , That it isn't only humans who suffer from valvular disease. That minutes spent on...

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News of the Week

M.O.W.T. CONDITIONS OF . PAYMENT FOR HIRE I N respect of the terms of pay merit for the hire of long-distance . vehicles by the...

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Public Transport Association Keeps Busy

A T the a.g.m. of the Public Transport Association, held on September 9, it was announced that up to that time the membership...

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Overcoming Thos hfficulties Created by Owner-drivers

Solving the Problems of the Carrier Summarizing the Arguments in Favour of the Application of Local Rates for Local Traffic:...

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Karrier's War-time Trolleybus Chassis

T HE needs of municipalities are, so far as possible, being met in respect of certain ' types of public-service vehicle,...

Maintaining Efficiency by Adjusting Ignition Gaps

* - rHERE is no doubt that the leaded . 1 fuels which are now being sold are' affecting performance adversely, and one of the...

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The Industry Must Not Be

Closed to Ex-Service Men • Call for a Clear Definition of Policy Regarding the Post-war Status of Hauliers, Particularly Those...

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Speeding Up 2: Turn-round ,4t Lorries for Suga:

W HAT I have been writing in my current " Solving the Problems of the Carrier " articles about varia tion of rates for local...

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BUSES AMONGST BRITAIN'S MOST VALUABLE ASSETS WHILST nobody will question the value, under "V certain conditions, of the...

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Combined Engine Heater and Battery Charger

Maintaining Engine Temperature at all Times, in Addition to Keeping the Batterj Tully Charged A PART from the convenience of...

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Scientifically Designed Engine Mounting

A RESILIENT engine mounting suitable for road vehicles, boats, or aircraft, is shown in patent No. 554,692, by the Austin Motor...