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17th October 1907
17th October 1907
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Page 1, 17th October 1907

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An Inadmissible Reversion.

Birmingham is now tasting the sweets of a partial reversion to horse-drawn omnibuses. We reported the cessation of the local...

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Vehicles in the Trials.

The 36h.p. "Corner Car" Lorry for 5- , ton to 4-ton loads (E43)1 Tim vehicle entered in class E by Commercial Cars, Ltd., of...

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Crankshaft Specialisation.

Extensions of Messrs. Stringer and Company's Works at Wincobank. One of our representatives took the opportunity, while the...

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Utility Motors in France.

Notes from Our Correspondent in Paris. The Touring Club of Milan has de cided to organise a competition of mo torbuses on the...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

We observe that the " Globe," in its issue of the 12th instant, has quoted at full length our leading article of last week, on...

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Part of New York's fleet of De Dion-Bouton motorbuses.

New York Motorbuses. The accompanying illustration shows a portion of a fleet of De Dion-Bouton motorbuses which are in...

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The ra.A.c. Trials.

Complete Scoring= sheets for the Road Tests—Arrival at Dalston—Successful Running the General Rule. There is nothing more to...

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Comparisons : By an Old Liverpool Observer1

If thee is any man who still has any doubts as to the future of commercial motors, these doubts must surely be dispelled by a...

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The Smoking Concert.

Friday evening the f ith, the last night on the road, was notable for the smoking concert which was given by "THE COMMERCIAL...

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The German Commercial Vehicle Trials.

Second Notice : From Our Berlin Correspondent. In my last notes, I suggested the likelihood that the three Saurer vehicles...

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News and Comment.

This journal fosters, represents, and chronicles commercial motoring in all its branches. We originate: others imitate. The...

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Marshall' s New Agricultural Tractor.

On Wednesday of last week, some interesting tests were conducted in the vicinity of Gainsborougb with a new agricultural motor...

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A Visit to Jessop's Steel Works.

On Trials Wednesday, Sheffield, at the invitation of William jessop and Sons, Ltd., "THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR" omnibus piloted a...

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From our Berlin Correspondent.

The German army authorities purpose organising motor commissariat columns, as experience gained from the manceuvres has...

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Patents Completed.

VAPOURISE R. — Isaacson.—No. 19,806, dated 5th September, 1906.—Ar ranged within a casing (2) is a conduit (3) in the form of...