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17th November 1944
17th November 1944
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Page 1, 17th November 1944

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Passing Comments

Our In ReQPEAKING recently at quires Light in Other ‘-- 7 Coventry, Mr. Herbert Directions . . . Morrison said that he was...

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One Hears

That Brazil is to buy 100,000 American agricultural tractors. That the motto of the retreating Germans, especially in Holland,...

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News of the Week

EXPORTS: A NEW " C.M." SERVICE REAT .arid increasing interest is 'es" being displayed in all aspects of the export business,...

Personal Pars

Me. A. BINNS, M.I.M.T., Assoc. Inst. T., sales manager for CommerKarrier (Midland), Ltd., has been elected a member of the...

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M.O.W.T. Shows Interest in the Grouping Movement

WIDESPREAD investigations by the VV M.O,W.T. into the grouping movement among road , hauliers were indicated by Mr. F. Rudman,...

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"Stand Easy" Function of H.G. Transport Column

WE recently attended a "Stand VI' Easy "luncheon given by the CO. and officers of No. 1 London Transport Column Home Guard. It...

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Daimler Introduces Bus. Oil Engine

Brief Particulars of a New Product Which Embodies Several Unusual and Noteworthy Features J N the " Daimler Goes to War "...

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Mobilize Resistance to Oppression

An Unfettered Road Transport Industry Is Essential to Trade and industry, Particularly in. Relation to Our Greatly Enlarged...

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A Fairy Story for Young and Old

Many Readers Engagal in the Haulage and Manufacturing Sections By of the Industry Will Discern the Truth in This Contribution "...

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Mobile Technical Instruction for the Services

Air Ministry Puts Into Operation a Commendable Plan Which Offers Unique Training Faciliti es I — OT Certain R.AF. Personnel...

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Grouping Causes a Stir

Prominent Members of the Industry are al an interest in Co-operative Grouping. Lost Taking What Will the Ministry bo ? By E....

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An Expert, with Over 30 Years' Experier Work, Explains Some of the Finer Poi Selling Oversea: and Export ; Success Ili By A....

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A Crane That Needs No Safety Devices

Fordson Tractor as the Basis of a Mobile Pneumatic . Lifting Device Which Combines Simplicity of Construction with High...

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Pointers on Estimating for Furniture Removals

Dealing, in the First Place, with Some Differences of Opinion as to the Proper Basis of Calculation of Rates Per Hour T HE...

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Post-war Passenger Transport

A Particularly Interesting Summary of the-, Major Factors to Which Consideration Should be Given by Operators and the...

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Lubricating the Dry Side of the Cylinder

A Risme of Patent Specifications That Have Recently Been Pub fished C YLINOERS lubricated by oil thrown up from the crankshaft...