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17th August 1905
17th August 1905
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Page 1, 17th August 1905

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The Law a Fortnight Hence.

The Heavy Motor Car Order, which was issued by the Local Government Board on December 28th last, pursuant to the powers...

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News of the Week.

Detailed particulars of the A.C. Van Trials are given on Pages 444 and 445. It is instructive to note that there were only ii...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

It is interesting to note that the intended service of motor omnibuses between Edinburgh and Oueensferry is projected as a...

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Railway Omnibuses.

The following are the amended clauses in the NorthEastern Railway Company's Bill, igos, as regards motor omnibus powers. The...

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France and Commercial Motors.

Conclusion of Report on the Paris.-Amiens-Dieppe-Le Havre-Paris Tests. The rubber pads, known as the Le Francais, to which we...

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Fixed versus Live Axles.

An illustrated explanation of the function of the differential gear in a motor vehicle was concluded in last week's issue....

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The first meeting of council of this body was held at the registered offices, Cecil Chambers East, 86, Strand, W.C., last week,...

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The A. C. G. B. and I. Van Trials.

We published the conditions for the Automobile Club's light delivery van trials in our issue of June 8th. Although any efforts...

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The Commercial Motor.

Conducted by EDMUND DANGER PI EIJI Editor: E. SHRAPNELL SMITH. Manager: ERNEST PERMAN. 7-15. Rosebery Avenue. London. E.G....

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Cardan Drive and Rubber Tyres. The Editor, " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir :—I should like some expression of opinion regarding...

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The Drivers' Page.

V.W. (Southport) writes :—" I think the following details of a repair to a Moore steam pump, fitted to a steam wagon, will be...

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Ambulances and Omnibuses for Hospitals.

Following the brief announcement on page 425 ante, we now deal tully with the last meeting ot the Metropolitan Asylums Board....

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

Eckstein and De Dion Patent Similar Ignition Devices. No. 26,527, dated December 6th, 1904. —Electric ignition.—Eckstein and...