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15th September 1944
15th September 1944
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Page 1, 15th September 1944

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Amalgamation or Co-operation?

O NCE again a wave of unrest is surging through , the ranks of the, goodsnauiters Pursue haulage industry. So far as Protect...

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Passing Comments •

Not All American A PPARENTLY, the rates Hauliers Receive i — Lfor haulage in America are Adequate Rates . . not being increased...

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One Hears—

Of motor-taxation proposals in confusing profusion. That few of these are basically sound and logical. _ That heavy taxation...

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News of the Week

C.M.U.A. COMPILING RECORD OF WAR FEATS BY TRANSPORT "THE C.M.U.A. is desirous of com piling a record of the conspicuous...

Personal Pars

Ma. F. R. STAGG, M.I.Struct.E., assistant managing director of Thos. W. Ward,Ltd., of Sheffield, since 1938, has been appointed...

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Yorkshire Federation Condemns State-ownership Transport Plan

Bureaucratic Control Would Stifle Enterprise and Initiative anti Retard Research and Development THAT State ownership of...

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Inst. of T. Tribute to Technical Press

L AST week the Institute of Transport held the second of what it is hoped will be regular annual lunches given to members of...

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How Forward Airstrips Are Established

A S the Allied armies roll eastward across France towards the German border, airfields must follow them, for air power is,...

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I HAVE received a letter from a friend of mine, himself a successful operator, casting doubts upon the ability of T. Goy and...

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"Light Design" in Commercial-motor Construction*

Theory and Practice for Minimum Deadweight with Maximum Permissible Loading. Relationship Between "Light Design" and...

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Rationalizing Production kid Market Development

IR British manufacturers of commercial vehicles are to 'compete successfully in post-war world markets it is imperative that...

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Waterproofed Vehicles Made Invasion Possible

Difficulties Which Had to be Overcome Before Vehicles and Equipment Could be Rendered Immune from Sea-water Effects 'THERE has...

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Simplifying Welding Aluminium Problems

T HE recent tremendous increase in the use of light metal has been paralleled by important developments in welding aluminium...

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From Ford Van to Articulated Six-wheeler

Interesting Conversion Which Has Given Satisfactory Service Over an Extended Period A N interesting conversion of a Ford van...

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Reinstating Ex-Service Personnel

How the 1944 Act Affects Employer and Former Employee • and Places Certain Obligations on Each T HERE has been placed on the...

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Injection Pump for Small Oil Engines

A Résumé of Patent Specifications That Have Recently 4Ieen Published T HE problem of accurately metering small quantities of...