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15th June 1916
15th June 1916
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Page 1, 15th June 1916

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The Roads for the People.„

Tho special article from the pen of Mr. W. Joynson-Hjeks, M.P. which article appears on page 406.of this issue, is one which...

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One Hears

Of trade tremors. "Who lost those badges? " Of a talkative platform body. Diverse opinions as to " What is a fitter ? "...

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Two-fuel Carburetters and Fittings—V.

The Binks Carburetter, Which is Designed So as to be Adaptable for any Internal-Combustion , -Engined Road Vehicle. The Binks...

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Our Despatches from the Front (No. 92).

Work at the Base. Mediterranean M.T. Matters. The numerous old pre-wan topics are discussed and war is almost forgotten. We...

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The Wheels of Industry.

Proposals and Purchases by Local Authorities. Westminster City Council has now sold• its road.-roller to the Road Board, for...

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Chars-a.Zancs and the New Act.

I have been asked to express my views as to the legal position of the eller-a-banes trade under the provisions of the Local...

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Out and Home.

Speeding on an Agrimotor. Some quaint communications find their way to us at times from the Press agencies. I give publicity...

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The Saunderson and Mills Universal Tractors.

Numerous Improvements in the Design of these Well-knbwn and Useful Agrimotors. The peculiar condition of many industries under...

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What Users Tell U S—Interview No. 43.

The Impressions of a Member of the Managerial Staff of a Large Watford Chocolate Company. For No. 43 of this series, we...

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Opinions from Others.

Taxation of Steam Wagons. The lidtgor, THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1631] Sir,—" User's" reply, in your issue of the 1st inst.,...

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Answers to Queries.

Back Axle-weights. [3004] (Chepstow).—If you wish the vehicle to travel at 12 m.p.h., you should paint six tons on your van as...

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Patents "Completed.

Sunbeam Valve Gear. An Improved Sparking Plug. Humber Locking Mechanism for Change-speed Gearing. Magneto Armature...