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15th June 1911
15th June 1911
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Page 1, 15th June 1911

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Petrol Locomotives in Mines.

During last autumn, the S.1 1 /1.11.T. made inquiries through the Commercial Intelligence Branch of the Board of Trade as to...

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One Hears

That Bristow's " office " would have been in an interesting state had it rained. That a driver of a two-cylinder London cab...

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Two New Agricultural Motors.

The Daimler Co. Builds Two New Machines, which are Complete Departures from Previous Productions of the Famous Coventry Works....

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The motorbus service between Kingswinford and Wolverhampton, which, as we

reported in a recent issue, has been inaugurated by Mr. C. L. Wells, is proving extremely popular along the route. Belfast...

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Fire-Brigade Matters.

Co-operation at Stafford. Stafford Rural District Council is prepared to contribute the sum of 2200 towards the purchase of a...

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News and Comment.

This is admitted to possess the influence, the men, the standing and the leading circulation. It is exclusively read...

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On making a friendly call last week on Mr. 0.

L. Wells, the Midland agent for Albion commercial vehicles, I was concerned to find that he is but slowly recovering from the...

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The World' s Taxicab Tariffs.

London's Taxicabs are the Cheapest in the World. The Fare Tariffs throughout Great Britain are Far From Uniform. Owing to the...

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otorcab Topics.

The Liverpool Watch Committee has issued a further set of draft by-laws for taxicab traffic, and these have been provisionally...

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The Thomas Transmission System.

Notes on the R.A.C. Report on the Recent 2,000 Miles Trial. not possible to " rush " any of the hills over which the vehicle...

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Opinions from Others.

Horse Users' Methods : a Tip from Horse Haulage. The Editor, THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR. [1,380] Sir,—Generally, where motor...

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Answers to Queries.

Speedometer for Commercial Vehicle. [1,821] " S.J.;" Cheshire, writes :—" What make of speedometer do you recommend for a...

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Contributions from Drivers and Mechanics.

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY for the Best Communication Received, and One Penny a Line of ten words for any thing else published....

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Patents Completed.

Complete specifications of the following patents will be sent to any address in the United Kingdom upon receipt of eightpence...