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15th June 1905
15th June 1905
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Page 1, 15th June 1905

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London Traffic.

The report of the Royal Commission on London Traffic will be issued within the next few weeks, and its imminence rather...

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News of the Week.

There is an old fable of a mountain which brought forth a mouse. This simile is not altogether inapplicable to the ultimate...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The Bournemouth Town Council is considering the question of motor omnibus services between the two piers as auxiliaries to its...

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The Improvement of London Traffic.*

It is more than two years since the Royal Commission on London Traffic began its labours, and a majority of the numerous...

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Progress in Boiler Construction.

Messrs. E. S. Hindley and Sons, engineers, of Bourton. Dorset, and ii, Queen Victoria Street, EX., have recently patented a...

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From Oil Field to Engine.

How the Supply of Petrol is Distributed to the Consumer. The familiar oblong tins of motor spirit can be purchased in every...

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The Management of Motor-Wagon Boilers.

(Continued.) Boiler-Feed Devices. After drawing attention to the importance of the water level and the quality of the water...

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"Annoyed."—You have been misinformed by these people. "Tim COMMERCIAL MOTOR" was the first weekly journal announced, viz., on...

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The Future of British Agriculture.

Interesting Programme of the Agricultural Organisation Society. The attention of the motoring world has been drawn to the work...

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Men Worth Knowing.

Mr. J. D. Siddeley. Mr. J. Davenport Siddeley, who was born in the year 1866, has been associated with the automobile movement...

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The Drivers' Page.

Various Ignition Systems. A.1I.13, writes :-" The following hints on ignition will be useful to the novice who has only a...

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Horse v. Motor. The Editor, "THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR." Sir,1 note on page 227 of your issue of May 25th you invite...

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Abridgments of Interesting Patent Specifications.

Rene's Sparking Plug; David's Wheel Oiler; Rex Air Sprayed Valves; Le Page's Variable Piston Stroke. No. 4,052: Dated February...