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15th January 1943
15th January 1943
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Page 1, 15th January 1943

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,•We Do Not Curry Favour

H INTS have reached us from various sources that we have achieved a measure of unpopularity amongst certain sections of those...

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Passing Comments

Concerning Safety A N ambulance officer who First Versus l the Inr - k frequently. . cycles in the visible An . . . black-out...

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One Hears

• Of conductresses being " stolen " That more vision is needed in planningbus statinns. Rejoicings in producer-gas circles at...

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News of the Week

HAULIERS' MUTUAL FEDERATION FORMED A T a meeting field in London on Tuesday last, the new association of professional road...

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"Never Has the United," Says Industry Been So A.R.O. Director

A T a meeting in Birmingham last 1 - 1.Moriday,, afranged by • the 'Joint Organization of A.R.O. and the C.M.U.A. in the West...

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Glasgow Clings to Its Bus Monopoly Rights

P ROPOSALS that Glasgow Corporation should waive its municipaltransport monopoly within the city boundaries for the period of...

Planning For Road and Rail Co-ordination

1 HAVE been reading " Transportation and Total War," by P. C. Young, which is published by Faber and Faber, Ltd., at the price...

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Solving the Problems of the Carrier

The Cost of Efficient Maintenance Many Operators Fail to Record the Full Cost of Maintaining Their Vehicles: This Article is...

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NAAKERS of garage equipment have met the needs of 1VIgarage workers in .admirable manner They have, made close . stadies of...

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No. IS.— Bad Driving • HE title "Bad Driving' covers T a multitude of sins. In the introductory article of this series I...

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, How a Specialist Operator Has Met War-time Chafiges

Successful Growth of a Lancashire Operator . Largely Traceable to Giving Efficient Service in Specialized Transport Fields F...

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Gating the Best Out of

Grinding Machinery By G. Basil Barham Faults May Originate in the Transmission, the Grinder Mechanism and the Wheel Itself....

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Semi-trailers' Double Contribution to War Effort

T HE big semi-trailer outfits so largely employed in the United States ai=e well adapted for advertising purposes. *In earlier...

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UERIES A WELCOME TO THE FEDERATION OF HAULAGE GROUPS T HERE have been many attempts to put road haulage on a democratic...

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Why Round Pistons?

Modern Machining Methods Permit More Convenient Shapes. A Double Advantage Would , Accrue By " Azote " 'THE original reason...

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. Injection Pump with New Metering System

A N injection pump, designed so that .rt.the accuracy of • its metering is independent of control edges, is shown in patent'...