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14th October 1939
14th October 1939
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Page 1, 14th October 1939

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Nail the Flag to the Mast

N OW that we have been able, more or less, to settle down after the upheaval caused by Britain's entry into war, we can take...

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Passing Comments

A Quite U n usual WANDERING in - the West Example of En Tout WV End the other day, we Cas rubbed our eyes when we saw...

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One Hears—

The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker all complaining bitterly of road-transport restrictions. The advice, " Make...

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NEWS of the WEEK

HOW IMPRESSMENT AFFECTS HIRE-PURCHASE. C ONSLDERABLE dissatisfaction is being aroused amongst operators who have taken over...

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Central Board Proposals for Statutory Wages

O rI N Friday of last week, the Road Haulage Central Wages issued its proposals concerning the remuneration of haulage workers...

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When Weight of Container Must Be Included -for Taxation

VUHEN a receptacle is carried on a 'WV lorry, and, in normal use, is not constructed or adapted for the purpose of being lifted...

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Road-transport Topics in Parliament

By Our Special Parliamentary Correspondent PRIME MINISTER APPROVES IMPRESSMENT SYSTEM. T HE Prime Minister was directly...

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America Favours Small Rear-engined Bus

New Ford Two-door Vehicle, Luxuriously Equipped and Seating 27 Passengers, Yet Haying a Wheelbase of only 12 ft. 31 ins....

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Solving the Problems of the Carrier information Which, Whilst of interest to All Hauliers. is Especially important to Those...

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Low-pressure Town Gas a Practical Proposition

For Short -radius Lowmileage Operation, when Petrol is Unavailable, Gas, Contained in a Balloon, is a Serviceable Fuel...

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Thornycroft Nippy as a Tractive Unit

Short-wheelbase Model Introduced for Use in Conjunct ion with 6-8-ton Semi-trailer 'TO fulfil a substantial order received...

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rnl-IE hill-climbing ability of a vehicle can be discovered I by the following four methods:— (1) By actual gradient tests,...

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A Trailer for Light But Bulky Loads

A USEFUL type of trailer designed to carry light but bulky loads, and known as the Lor-Big, is shown in the accompanying...

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OPINIONS and QUERIES The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects

connected with the use of commercial motors. Letters should be written on only one side of the paper. The right of abbreviation...

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)VANCED 9 THOUGHT L. Jatellr , Novel Design of Head al Rotary V abbe Fermi Departures from Comm( Principles of Controllt...

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Today ' s of the New Land Will -days Conditions Make be

Good for Cultivation Only if it be Properly Drained, and Mole-draining Vital Tractors Suitably Equipped Can do this Job...

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Caravan Maker's New Ambulance Trailer

Attractive Trailer Outfit Built by Coventry Steel Caravans, Ltd., Meets Approval of A .R.P. Authorities THROUGHOUT the country,...

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Operating Aspects of

PASSENGER TRANSPORT BELFAST TROLLEYBUS OPPONENTS DEFEATED B EFORE the year is out, Belfast Corporation expects to open two...