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14th February 1907
14th February 1907
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Page 1, 14th February 1907

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Tractors or Motor Wagons ?

The fact that a consignment of goods, when entrusted to the care of a railway company, for conveyance over short distances,...

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Business Calls by Motorcab.

The use of the motorcar in connection with the work that falls to the lot of the travelling representative of a large firm has...

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Petrol-Electric Transmission for Road Vehicles.

Discussion on Messrs. Hart 8/ Durtnall's paper. Mr. Douglas Mackenzie said there would be so many gentlemen desir o us of...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

The Society of Motor Omnibus Engineers has been invited to nominate a representative to the National Dustless Roads Committee....

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Many readers of this journal will learn, with sincere regret,

that M. Leon Serpollet, the eminent French engineer, and one of the most brilliant workers in the field of superheated steam,...

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News and Comment.

The " Daily Mail " scale of charges for notices in its special Olympia Show number of the 8th proximo will be found on page 514...

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The Manchester and Newcastle Shows.

Mcs.e - s. Jennison and Sons, the proprietors of Belle Vue Gardens, Manchester, have, after some 40 years of pressure by...

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Two Interesting Inventions.

The Stanley, Automatic, Change-Speed Gear: the Broadhurst Spring Wheel. Wu have, within the last fortnight, had •...

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The Fawcett-Fowler Horizontal Engine.

We are now enabled to give some details of the FawcettFowler engine, two illustrations of which appeared in our issue of the...

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From Our Berlin Correspondent.

News arrives from Batavia that, at a recent conference of railway officials in Bandoney, the question of starting a night...

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The Motor Drivers News.

The Successful Driving of Steam Wagons. " J.P." (Leicester) writes with reference to steam wagons :—" It is an absolute...

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Patents Completed.

CONTROL DEV10E.—Serpollet.—No. 17,551/06, dated, under Convention, 5th December, 1903.—The driving apparatus comprises a main...