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14th April 1944
14th April 1944
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Page 1, 14th April 1944

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Extraordinary Action by the Air Ministry

A CCORDING to the terms of an agreement entered into between the S.J.C. and the Air Ministry, a schedule -of rates for the...

Passing Comments

Will Present High QINCE 1940 the recovery of Benzole Recovery 1 "-benzole...-in the carbonizing Continue After War? industries...

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One Hears

That the "Q" is.becoming more than a query. That the shadow of the Budget chills the charming month of April. That it is a "...

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News of the Week

M.O.W.T. HIRED VEHICLES AVAILABILITY T THERE is one matter that is w orryI log some operators of vehicles hired under the...

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Government Control of Transport Uneconomic and Inefficient

A Second Article Dealing With the Report of the Select Committee on By National Expenditure as it Affects Road Transport and...

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Sand and Ballast Rates to Aerodromes

T HE S.J.C. points out that difficulties .have been experienced recently in respect of the implementation of the agreement...

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TABLE II ,leage Results of a Variety of Checks on Certain spec t of 'Tonmi Wages and Subsistence Allowances

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,leage Results of a Variety of Checks on Certain spec t of 'Tonmi Wages and Subsistence Allowances Applying the Principles...

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Chorus of Praise from Transport Engineers

A Engineers, to be held on Friday, PPLICATIONS for tickets for 'the April 28, at the Connalight Rooms, luncheon-conference of...

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2,000 Miles of Trouble

The Story of Two Italian S.P.A. Ambulances on a Trip in North Africa T llEY first made their appearance at Wadi Akarit. It was...

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T 0 most road operators the thought. of the steamer recalls the days of fierce competition, of 12 m.p.h. limits, solid tyres...

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Engine Reconditioning Not Maker's Job

Some Interesting Observations on a Subject Regarding Which the Various Sections of the Industry Have Con Acting Opinions By...

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Possibilities of the Rotary Valve

Mr. F. M. Aspin, M.S.A.E., M.Inst.B.E., explains the Salient Features of his Unit and Answers Some Interesting Questions Bear...

Heating the Engine by Eddy Currents

OMETEIING new in engine pre-heating devices has recently been introduced by Ruribaken Electrical Products, Ltd., 7 1 - 73a,...

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UERIES VALUE OF OUR LEAGUE OF SERVICEMEN WAVING just received several copies of " The Commercial Motor," I was very much...

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Multi-wheeled Bogie for Heavy Trailers

A MULTI WHEELED trailer bogie is shown in patent No. 559,171, by 0. North, P. Hugh, and Scammell Lorries, Ltd., all of Tolpits...