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13th September 1940
13th September 1940
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Page 1, 13th September 1940

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Road-rail Struggle International

C OMPARISONS of roadtransport problems in Britain and America have been made in our columns on several occasions. We have, for...

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Passing Comments Moving Kerbs to IN Chicago an experiment is

Facili ta te Traffic being conducted in a form of Control traffic control which is some what novel. It consists a dividing...

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One Hears

Of a new step—the dug-out crawl. That a soft tyre does not turn away wrath. That for rigid economy tyres should be kept at...

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NEWS of the WEEK

T HE following recommendations to drivers of both goods and passenger vehicles have been circulated by Mr. John Hopkins,...

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Yorkshire Move Against Still Higher

Wages O PPOSING the latest application for an increase in the wages of road haulage workers employed by A and B licence...

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Scottish D.T.O. Establishing Freight Bureau T HE District Transport Officer for

Glasgow, in a circular letter addressed to commercial-vehicle operators in his district, states that a Bureau of Information...

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Opinions and Queries

APPRECIATION OF OUR EFFORTS FOR THE INDUSTRY pLEASE allow me to congratulate you on the publicity you are giving to...

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How Coaches and Components, Ltd., has Adapted its Organization to Meet Operators' Emergency. Requirements R EPUTATIONS of the...

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A Sphere in Which The Specialized Semi-trailer Excels

Dyson Detachable-axle Lowloading 50-60-tonner for Use with Interchangeable Tractive Units nNE of the foremost among hauliers...

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Valuable Ambulance Work on a Voluntary Basis

An Outline of the Splendid Work Being Undertaken by the British Volunteer Ambulance Corps C OMPASSION for the sick and .... ,...

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The Road-transport iustry Must Look Bey he End of Its Nose

OW long will it be before we tear up the railway lines and th(,. obsolescence of the railways is uni versally accepted? 1950?...

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How Our War Effort Affects Automobile Engineers

M OST of those engineers who are not in the Services are concentrating their full energies upon production to meet war...

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Operating Aspects of Passenger Transport

EIRE PASSENGER-TRAFFIC INCREASES J ULY statistics for bus .services in Dublin show that there. was an increase of 1,813,0(10...

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Factors that Govern

Tyre Equipment on Light Vans Our Contributor Outlines Some of the Chief Factors of Tyre Use Peculiar to Small Vehicles and...

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Oil Engine with Flame Ignition

I NTENDED primarily for aircraft, a design of oil-burning engine shown in patent No. 524,092 is an attempt to reduce the weight...